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Some Clomid hope please...

I'm really hope you ladies can give me some hope.  My DH and I miscarried a year ago.  We have been trying ever since to get pregnant, but no luck.  I haven't ovulated or gotten my period naturally (1 induced from meds) since June.

We are starting Clomid this cycle.  I am waiting for my period to start any day now.   My dr. is starting me at 100mg right away, so I'm really hoping I ovulate.  Have any of you gotten pregnant using Clomid???

 Thanks for any hope!  Good luck to all of you!  I hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months.

Re: Some Clomid hope please...

  • My friend got pregnant with it on the first try and just may have done it again this second time (she is in her 2 WW now but her temps are looking good so far!)
    Praying this little one sticks!
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  • I was on Clomid from May until October.  My dr. had to change the prescription from 50 mg, to 100 mg, to 150 mg but I just got my first BFP at the beginning of November!!!  


    Good luck with everything!   

  • I was on 50mg for three months and when I was about to give up hope (not because I wasn't getting pregnant but because I had a really bad emotional reaction to the clomid) I came up pregnant.  

    I lost a baby last Feb after trying for a year a half.  It was ectopic and I lost a tube.  It was found that I also wasn't ovulating regularly so they put me on clomid.  

    I had a terrible emotional reaction to it however.  I was sad, depressed, irritable, I was getting anxiety attacks and was just a very miserable person to be around.  I was kinda expecting it though because I have the same reaction with birth control.



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  • Me!  After trying for a year to get pregnant, I was put on 50mg of Clomid.  I had pretty much no side effects and got pregnant the first cycle on it.  I am now a little over 6 weeks along :)
  • I am the youngest of four daughters, all because of clomid. Actually, the first three (a singleton and twins) were from clomid and apparently those 2 pregnancies got my mama ovulating naturally because I was a surprise with no medical intervention! And this was over 25 years ago, so I'm sure the technology is even better now! Good luck!
  • I took 50mg of clomid for three cycles and then upped to 100mg this last cycle and became pregnant! Just had my first u/s today. One warning (reason why I got an u/s so early) is it can cause ovarian cysts which may not be too much to be concerned about but can be a bit uncomfortable.

    Good luck!

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  • My SIL is currently pregnant with triplets after taking clomid for 3 months. :) 
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  • I got pregnant using clomid (50 mg) the very first month.  Good luck!
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  • My husband and I tried for year naturally, before i was referred to a Reproductive Endocrinologist. I started on Metformin (1500mg). That brought on more consistent cycles. It wasn't until starting clomid 50mg that we became pregnant. It was our second round! Clomid works! :)  We also believe that the ovulation predictor kits helped us tremendously!  Clear Blue was the easiest to use, no issues on interpreting the lines!  Best of luck to you! :)
  • I hope you are being monitored very closely while on Clomid.  Best of luck.
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  • SmileThanks for all of the wonderful stories and well wishes!  You have given me hope!!  Thank you!!

  • SmileThanks for all of the wonderful stories and well wishes!  You have given me hope!!  Thank you!!

  • I got pregnant on my 5th cycle of clomid. That was my first cycle using preseed. If you haven't tried that, I recommend it.
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  • If you're not ovulating or getting your period, it will definitely get you on a normal cycle so you can ovulate and get pregnant. My friend got pregnant on her first Clomid cycle.
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