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Teething at 3 months?

My LO has been extra fussy today.  The last two to three days she has been drooling more and more and putting her fist in her mouth to bite it.  Now today she is refusing to eat and it is extremely hard to get her to eat.  Anyone have a baby teeth this early?  Are these similar symptoms?

Re: Teething at 3 months?

  • Yup. My LO has been teething early on. No teeth have broken through though. He almost always has a fist in his mouth, no matter how many teething toys we've bought him. We were using the teething tablets until they were recalled. Now I use Orajel if he's really in pain. I mean, screaming, crying, nothing seems to calm him down. Orajel usually does the trick.
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  • It's possible. My LO showed teething symptoms for about a month or more before his teeth popped through at almost exactly 4 months. GL!!
  • It is seriously so nice to read your post.  The same thing is happening with my LO.  He started salivating (I mean seriously salivating) a couple of weeks ago and in the past few days, everything he can get his hands on goes right into his mouth.  To sooth him, I stuck my thumb in there sideways and he was gum, gum, gumming away.  I don?t see the signs of any teeth yet, tho.  Good luck!

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