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So, I went to celebrate my momther-in-law's birthday and haven't seen her in a few weeks.  Her first reaction to seeing me was to comment that I was getting chubby!!  Really?  I was completely shocked and very hurt by the comment, but when my husband and I talked about it later, he said she probably just used a poor choice of words.  I mean, I'm 24 weeks and yes my boobs are huge and my belly is big, but I'm still wearing an XS pants.  I just get frustrated by comments like this... especially when I took extra time this morning to curl my hair, put on make-up and a cute new shirt.  Now I just feel like a fat cow. =/  Maybe for thanksgiving I'll just show up in sweatpants or a moomoo. 

Re: venting...

  • ((HUGS))) I'm sure you look great; they are just being d-bags. 
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  • So sorry! I swear there ought to be a sheet of paper that we could hand to those types of people and it should be a list of ALL the things you shouldn't say to pregnant women. Just RUDE.
  • I honestly cannot see myself calling someone that I care about even a little bit "chubby"....especially a pregnant woman.  People are unbelievable.  Sorry hun!
  • aww she probably didn't mean it the way it was taken.

    Don't worry sweetie, my dad lives a few hours away and when i sent him a picture of my quickly growing baby bump he flat out responded with the word 'fatty'.I don't think he realized how bad that hurt me.

    My brother did the same thing, we all used to mess around like that. But, I'm pregnant now, anddddddd very emotional. :)

     I'm sure you look great!!! :)

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