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  • probly bodreaux butt paste or desitin clear I have used both before and liked both
  • Triple Paste. It is the best. It's expensive but it works very quickly and very well. It was the only thing that worked for DS and I'm not going to waste my money on the cheap stuff anymore.
  • I've tried tons of different brands and honestly haven't really noticed a difference. I will say when my son has a very bad diarrhea rash I use Butt Paste because the others send him screaming, but for normal rashes or rash prevention they all seem to work about the same.


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  • Destin worked well with my first two. We will be using cloth diapers with #3 so I will have to find something else!
  • Aquaphor worked the best but butt paste and regular ol destin worked as well for dd1. Triple paste makes her butt worse : (

    When dd was little I only bought the smallest containers of diaper cream just in case one didn't work, like the triple paste and also  the one in the white bottle with the brown letters (the name is escaping me).

  • The best stuff we found was Canus L'il goats milk diaper rash cream.  You can only buy it online.  My daughter got a rash that nothing touched ordered this before the dr gave me an rx for cream and it got rid of it.  We will be buying it again for Cooper.
  • Desitin. The Butt Paste stains.
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  • A friend of mine swore by Penaten, from Germany. I bought some online and I'm looking forward to using it. It has multiple uses, like for cuts and other skin conditions, as well.
  • I will be checking cosmeticdatabase.com and trying to find some relatively cheap products that work with cloth diapers that don't have a ton of chemicals to put directly on baby.  For example= Desitin is a 6/10 on the hazard scale whereas Earth Mama Angel Baby products are a 0/10 and Burt's Bees diaper cream is a 2/10.  I do this with any skin/face/hair products I use so I am going to try and hold the same standards for baby.

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  • I've heard breast milk is the best thing you can use for a diaper rash.  Not sure if you're planning on BFing or not but thought I'd share.  I'm going with cloth so diaper creams are out for us. 
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  • grandma el's: ?all natural, cloth diaper friendly, fabulous reviews, and less expensive than earth mama.

    im all for using breast milk or nothing at all. ?but we want to have this on hand, just in case we really need it.?

  • I got 2 tubes of Desetin and one "Butt paste"..

    She only had a teeny bit of diaper rash at 1-2 weeks old that lasted about a day. I used the Desetin and it cleared up immediately. Since we havn't had even a hint of diaper rash in like 3 months, I'm probably going to return the others.. No way I'll use it all!

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  • We had been using balmex since DS was born, but I noticed that when you get towards the end of the tube, there's this oil or water or something that separates from the cream and makes it really hard to spread.  It's really annoying.  So now we use desitin and it's much better.  Plus, it smells better.  I think both balmex and desitin are 2 of the more affordable brands. 
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  • Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm!  I swear by the stuff and love it, love it, love it!  Not only is it toxin free (as a pp said, its a 0 or a 1 in the cosmetics database) but its also great for more than just the tooshie.  We use it on all of our scrapes and booboos in our house and I have even used it when my DS gets the occassional dry/scaley patch of skin.  We never had issues with diaper rash with my DS, as this stuff cleared it up immediately and I have a jar waiting for our lil girl when she arrives this week.
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