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F/U: Birth Class Today

It was great!  Even DH enjoyed the all day class!  The instructor was wonderful and all the couples in our class were very nice.  We all had a good time and the hours flew by!  I am so happy that we decided to take the class.  I am actually going to be going through my "birth plan" papers and make some revisions. I feel like I am much more informed with better, more thorough information!  DH also felt way more connected to everything that will happen in labor and how big a part he will play in everything.  The tour was wonderful!  I actually worked in the hospital I am giving birth at and had never seen the L&D area so I was very happy to take that tour.  Had a great day and tonight DH is taking me out to dinner and to see the new Harry Potter movie!  GREAT DAY!!! Big Smile

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