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Migraines and headaches help!!!!

I am 12 weeks tomorrow and have constant migraines and have a headach every day.  Dr told me she could give me tylenol with Codein but I dont want that I dont even drink caffeine b/c I am so worried about what the baby takes in!! I am in soooo much pain help!

Re: Migraines and headaches help!!!!

  • Caffeine and ibuprofen took care of my 2nd tri headaches.  Nothing else worked.


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  • Drink tons of water. With me caffenie and codein did the trick on my first pregnancy and I have a healthy 16 month old, your baby will be fine and long as you take it in moderation.
  • Caffiene..  It works.     Your baby will be fine.    Another weird thing that helped was to put my feet in cold (cool) water.  I sometimes would have a cup of coffee (or a coke) and extra strength tylenol - it helped.   

  • I also had some serious headaches and finally broke down and got some real coke and it did work, thank god!



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  • My chiropractor has just about cured my migraines.  I used to get them at least once or twice a week (prepregnancy) and since he started adjusting my neck, I get one maybe once every three or four months, and that's only if I'm not seeing him regularly. 

    If your insurance covers it, look into seeing a chiropractor.  I pay a $15 copay after meeting my annual deductible. 

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  • Caffiene in moderation is not going to hurt anything. Hope you feel better.
  • What you feel comfortable taking is going to be personal, obviously.  But when I was pregnant I was having to leave work, barely even able to drive because I was in so much pain.  The doctor prescribed Fioricet.   What I'm about to say really shouldn't sway you because it's not like it's proof or anything but....my son is perfectly fine :)  Feel better!
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  • image Deirdre18:
    Drink tons of water. With me caffenie and codein did the trick on my first pregnancy and I have a healthy 16 month old, your baby will be fine and long as you take it in moderation.
    I agree. I had horrific migraines all throughout my last pregnancy. These two things worked wonders.
  • There is an alternative option. See if your Dr. will consider Oxygen for 15-20 minutes at a low concentration. Healthy for the baby and you! I have had to use this method twice now and I am 8 weeks. I have a really long history of bad migraines that had to be treated with pain shots and this has been my only reprieve during pregnancy! Good luck and I hope the headaches reduce in occurrence and intensity
  • I am in your boat. I can't even get out of bed some days they are so bad and nothing seems to help. If you find out something that works PLEASE post. I will be trying these others also. Good luck.
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  • I get migraines regularly and was really hoping they'd go away when I got pregnant, but no such luck. Since I can't take my normal meds, I've just been suffering through. I haven't even tried Tylenol yet, but I'm thinking I'm going to need to with my next headache. Ugh.


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  • I feel you! This past weekend I had a headache for two days straight! It hurt so bad I wanted to start crying and I dont drink caffine because it upsets my stomach....When I had headaches before I took excedrine and that really helped but I def cant do that pregnant. The only thing that has helped me ease the pain is my herbal pack...I heat it up and put it on my head and it helps and sometimes I put it in the freezer and then put it on my head and that helps too..
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