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Please help with my question..

 I know i havent quite hit 3rd trimester yet (still have a few days left till then) . But thought that you ladies might have the answer to my question.Im actually waiting for the nurse to call me back but my Ob seems to take forever. Ive been seeing spots off and on for a month now. I really think it has something to do with my blood pressure. Which has been abnormal also for the last month. I usually have really low BP but lately the lowest its been is 120/86 which i know is normal for most people but me. The highest it has been is 140/90. I am concerned about this considering I know these can be symptoms of Pre-E. Ive been drinking a lot more water and trying to watch all my food intake...but the spots have been getting worst. Anyone know anything about this ....



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Re: Please help with my question..

  • Have you mentioned it to your doc?  Has he/she said anything about your b/p?  140/90 isn't incredibly high especially considering that you are pregnant and most people b/p tends to be higher in the doctors office.  I would talk to your doc about it.   My b/p has actually stayed a little too low and my doc mentioned it saying that "it's normal for it to rise during pregnancy"..mine has been lower or the same between 105/60 and 120/70.
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  • I had Pre-Eclampsia with my first....It is horrible.  I did start with spots.  Rest, rest, rest..watch your salt intake and for any swelling.  I was induced at36 weeks and had a completly healthy 8lb 8 oz baby boy.  I did however end up back in the hospital and then on blood pressure meds for over a year after having my son.  This is not normal, however I would, if I were you be very cautious and listen to your body and it's signals.  I actually called my doc when my BP hit 176/120 after having my son and he told me just to try and get some rest and come to the office in the morning.  I ended up having a stroke in my eye.  Be very careful and go to the ER if you feel unsafe!  Best of luck.  Oh, I am 35 weeks now with NO BP problems this far....don't worry about next time, it's very unlikely for it to happen 2x.

  • Some spotting can be normal but if it is getting worse you should definitely raise it with your doc and ask what the probable cause is...

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