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Braxton Hicks?

I'm 31 weeks and I think I'm having braxton hicks contractions, but this is my first child and I'm not really sure what BH would feel like.  I keep getting an aching feeling in my lower abdomin.  It doesn't last long and they are irregular.  Sometimes it hurts worse than others, but completely tolerable.  My daughter is still moving like normal.  Before these started a few days ago I've been terribly constipated, but now I'm having loose stools.  Should I be worried or does it sound like BH to everybody?  Thanks!

Re: Braxton Hicks?

  • BH are a tightening that comes across your belly. Its hardens and then releases. They are not painful at all and do not cause any cramping.

    sounds like you just might just have some poopy cramps.



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  • Thanks!  From all the research I've done so far it says that some women do experience discomfort and some pain with BH, but I wanted to check and see if any other women had experienced these symptoms.  I can feel tightening in my abdomin I just didn't know if having loose stools was only associated with true labor or if you can have it with BH. 

  • For me, I started having actual contractions about 30w.  My BH are painless (although they do take my breath away at times).  Does your ute tighten when you have the cramping?  If so, that is most likely a contraction.  I was to call my dr. if I had more than three or four in an hour.
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  • BH can also feel like menstrual cramps. As long as they are short lived and go away with rest and water, then they are normal and part of the preparation for labor.
  • I've had this too off and on from 30 plus weeks.

    Drinking lots more water definitely helps, for me BH are more across the sides and middle with a tighteneing sensation that feels like a wave of tightness that then releases. The more menstrual lower down cramping down to having a bit of a clearout down below! which apparently is very good to have before labour anyway, could just be more pressure on your digestive tract.

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