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Breech LO

So Lo was still breech today and the Dr told me that if by 36-37 weeks she doesn't flip they can try to get her to turn.  Does anyone know what that involves?  The thought of what they can do kind of freaks me out :)

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  • If I'm not mistaken, they phisically try to flip the baby. This happened to my sister in August and they told her that it would be painful and there was no guarantee that it would work or that the baby wouldn't flip back. She ended up having a c-section. I'm not sure if this was just her case or if it's like this for everyone.
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  • yeah that's what I thought....it does not soud fun
  • A friend of mine had this done also.  She said it was painful and uncomfortable and then he ended up turning right back to breech.  I have thought about this too and I don't know what I would do.  Hope you come to a decision that you are happy with and GL!
  • It's called an external version (you can google it for more scientific info that I have). :)

    Basically, they manually take their hands and try to move baby into the right position. It's supposed to be very uncomfortable for the mom and also doesn't have an amazing success rate since many breech babies go back to the way they were. It also has to be done along with an ultrasound since there are some risks to baby.

    Your baby still has plenty of time to flip-my DS flipped late at around 35 weeks and he was a big guy (10lbs @ birth).

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  • i heard the same thing.  it can be painful and the baby can still flip back.  my LO was breech, too, a few weeks ago.  but judging by the kicks i'm feeling, i think she's diagonal now.

    our birthing class instructor said there are exercises you can do to help encourage them to move.  one is to do the yoga "cat pose".  she also said you can lie on your back and put your legs up on the sofa.  i guess gravity is supposed to make them want to move.  

    you can also check out spinningbabies.com for more info.  good luck!



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  • I have the same issue and was told by my dr if baby doesn't flip, then I'll end up with a c-section. Not exactly what I want to hear and I will try to get him to flip on my own b/c I do not want to have an external version done.
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  • My Lo is in the frank breech position. The doctor didnt sound very hopeful that she would flip on her own. He also mentioned the external version but said that that wasnt an option for me because i have a low amount of amniotic fluid. My doctor gave me a pamphlet yesterday "If your baby is Breech" i actually dont recomend looking through it all it did was get me very nervous and scared of whats to come. So i'm still hoping she'll flip on her own. The other ladies explain the external version pretty well but there are some risks with doing that which is why they wait to 36 or 37 weeks, because its possible you could go into labor, placenta abrubtion, rupture of membranes, or problems with the babys heartrate which would mean and immediate c-section. But the doctor said it wasnt very likely to happen but is possible.
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  • So I guess I can opt out of the whole manual turning thing....it does't sound fun and not worth the risks.  I'd probably rather just have the c-section :)

    After what LO's been putting me through this entire pregnancy I'm just hoping she still decided to flip at this point....after all I've been going through with my short cervix the last thing I want is to have a c-section!

  • From what I remember reading in one of my pregnancy books, there are drs who are more experienced with this and might have a higher success rate. At the least, I think it's best to have someone do it who has done it before.

    I hope your LO flips!

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