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Joint pain normal?

I have been dealing with a bit of joint stiffness, which I thought was pretty normal considering where I am in the pregnancy.  Things changed around Wednesday, though.  Now all my joints hurt (not the muscles).  I imagine it feels like arthritis does the way my dad describes it.  My toe joints, ankle, knee, and hip joints hurt with each step.  It hurts to bend my elbows or carry anything heavy or awkward.  Sometimes it is a dull pain, and some times it is a sharp pain.  Nothing appears to be swollen, though.  The worst is in my finger joints.  It is to the point where I had to ask a fellow teacher to open a water bottle for me, a student to cut some paper for me, and typing just plain hurts. 

 Is this relatively normal?  or should I be calling in to my dr?

Re: Joint pain normal?

  • I know all of my joints hurt with both pregnancies - its your body limbering up & expanding to push out a watermelon. Right now my hips feel like they may swivel off if i'm not too careful. BUT if you're in such severe pain you can't open a bottle or use scissors you may mention it to the doctor. I'm not a doctor & I didn't play one on TV....so, just my two cents.
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  • Doc wants to see me by 4. I am freaking out a little...


    Thanks for the 2 cents! I really appreciate it!

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