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Morning Sickness ?

Hello Mommy,

This is my first pregnancy. I about 5 weeks. My morning sickness last all day and night. I am nauseous, vomit after every meal and snacks. Oh one more thing, I even vomit after drinking water. I have been home sick from work for 2 days and took a half day today. Any recommendation?

 Thanks in advance,

Re: Morning Sickness ?

  • Just keep your chin up really.  This too shall pass eventually.  Keep trying to eat small meals of things that are on the bland side, keep up with the fluids, etc.  Keep your doctor in the loop, if they are at all concerned they may try to help you medically with the nausia.
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  • If you're not keeping down water, call your doctor 
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  • Any fluids will work!  Soda, some teas, gatorade, milk, etc.  It's just a matter of getting your fluids right now.  I had the same issue. 
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  • My advise would be to speak to your doctor.  I too had horrible ms - so bad i couldnt keep anything down at all - My doctor diagnosed me with hyperemesis and put me on a medicine regime that keeps me functional, eating and drinking and a lot better off then I was before.  It isnt safe for baby if you are not keeping down water - Hyperemesis is just really bad ms (can be genetic - I found out that my grandmother and mother were sick for all of their pregnancies) Zofran is my best friend (and my peanuts best friend also because now I can eat and drink and make my peanut strong!)
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  • I've been taking a 50mg B6 vit plus half of a unisom since 5w's due to terrible m/s.  It has worked wonders for me.  I was having the exact same issues as described.  I told my DH that I was going to have to quit my job because there was no way I could work!  I look back at that now and think it's funny, but I was really in hell at the time!  I'm an avid water drinker and all of a sudden it started tasting disgusting and would make me gag and spit.  I was able to drink Gatorade for a couple of weeks to get me by.  I am now back to water, but it has to be iced (with lots of ice) before I can go near it!  But like others said, if you are actually throwing up after water, you might really considered seeing your doctor.  Try to keep your chin up, it will pass. =)
  • Thank you for all the great advice. This really help!
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