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I was trying to find an answer in Q&A but could not...

When can they normally hear a heartbeat? Do they check at the first appt?

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Re: Heartbeat

  • I got to hear the heartbeat at 7w2d.  I went through IVF, so I do have an ultrasound weekly.  Which allows me to see and hear the heartbeat.  I believe at a normal appointment they will use the doppler to hear the heartbeat.  The heart normal starts to beat during week 6.

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  • Hearing and seeing a heartbeat are two very different things.

    They can see a heartbeat on ultrasound as early as 6 weeks (give or take a few days). 

    You won't be able to hear the heartbeat with the doppler until 11 or 12 weeks generally. 

    They won't even try with the doppler until around that time. Whether you'll get an ultrasound depends on the practice, but it's not common to have one that early. 

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  • You can see (and hear a fake heartbeat sound the u/s machine makes) as early as 6 weeks.  You can't hear a heartbeat with a doppler until at 9-10 weeks at the earliest.

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  • Good to know - thanks!

    I guess i was just hoping it'd be a bit sooner cause I still don't "feel pregnant" and I can't believe it happened so fast! :-P

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  • I both saw and heard my baby's heart beat at 7 w 3d...it was at 130 and they found it right away with the doppler...i did not expect it that early but was very excitedBig Smile
  • DH and I were able to hear the heartbeat at our first appt at 10 weeks. They used a doppler through my stomache.

    but she did warn me that we may not hear it yet... its still pretty small :-)

    good luck though!!!



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  • We were able to see the HB at 6w1d (i thought i was 5w3d but measured differently through u/s). The OB hasn'tt tried to listen to the HB yet...hopefully soon!
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  • I heard the heartbeat at 9w2d at my first appointment. The doctor warned me I may not hear it, and even though it took a bit to find it, we did!
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