Trying to Get Pregnant

An executive decision has been made.

So many of you know MH and I had a "cut off cycle" for TTC and this was it. It's looking like AF is arriving any day now and the plan was if I wasn't KU by this time, we would be TTA until September for work related reasons.

But MH and I talked about it tonight and we think we would rather keep trying. Work stuff can be figured out if it comes down to worst case scenario.

I'm excited to keep trying and not have to say goodbye to you b.tches just yet Wink




bfp 1 - m/c 1.31.11 @ 10 weeks

bfp 2 - baby born via c-section on 5.4.12 @ 37 weeks

TFAS since February 2013--BFP on cycle 1!

bfp 3 - blighted ovum/d&c on 4.13.13 @ 8 weeks

SA #1 - Slightly abnormal shape, #2 - very low count

Follistim + IUI 3x = BFN, BFN, very late BFP 4 with super low progesterone --> c/p

Moving on to long protocol IVF with ICSI and PGS in August in the holy hell did I get here? FU 2IF.

bfp 5 - natural bfp while on lupron--so I guess that really does happen, huh?

14 DPO beta - 106 ... 17 DPO beta - 456

Team blue <3 Due on May 4th--big sister's birthday!


Re: An executive decision has been made.

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