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Headache help

I woke up today @ 5weeks with a terriable headache. I almost never get them. Any ideas on how to prevent and stop/heel them that are not in "What to expect..."?

Re: Headache help

  • Not sure what is listed in WTEWYE but with my last pregnancy, my doctor told me to drink a little caffeine.  I ended up having one of the mini sodas every day and it helped to prevent/stop my headaches.  I am not sure if you are drinking caffeine or not, but hopefully this helps!
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  • Thanks, I gues a little bit won't hurt.
  • Yep, my doc recommended 1 Tylenol and a can of coke to help.
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  • Wow, up 'till now I completely forgot about the headaches. I got massive, horrible, painful migranes all the way through my last pg. They were nearly blinding they were so bad. The only thing I could do was take Tylenol and drink something with caffeine. Try to stay hydrated, too, that can be a HUGE cause of migranes that a lot of ppl don't think about.
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  • I noticed that if I let myself get too hungry I can get headaches. Also if I dont drink enough, or get enough sleep. I think we're just extra-sensitive right now so things that dont normally affect us, might. Also, my OB says hormone levels can fluctuate a lot at the beginning & cause headaches.
  • I am 11 w 5d.. I have gotten headaches every day and migraines weekly.  My doc said to start a b vitamin complex and riboflavin.  I got a b complex at walgreens that has the riboflavin also.  I have just been taking it for 2 days along with my prenatals and notice that it is also giving me an energy boost and my headache yesterday was pretty mild compared to all other days. Good luck
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