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Delivering at UT Southwestern

I was wondering about the feedback. I am with a very sweet doctor, Francis Rosenbaum and she either can deliver me at Parkland or St.Paul ... which is UT Southwestern Hospital. I chose the private hospital (no offense to whoever chooses to deliver at Parkland, they are still staffed with skilled personnel) 

I was wondering if any of you have delivered there and what are your thoughts? Would you deliver there again? If you are just planning on delivering there, have you taken a tour?

Thank you!  



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Re: Delivering at UT Southwestern

  • I can't imagine anyone "choosing" Parkland for L&D. (I understand sometimes life deals us cards that we have to play and don't have a choice...so please don't take offense if you were required to deliver there for whatever reason.) Anyway...They have so many stipulations. I remember visiting a friend about 5 years ago that had her baby there and was astonished at the conditions of the facility itself and "rules". The staff only "allowed" her to have her baby with her for a few hours at a time (to be determined by the hospital staff). With that said, I can't imagine ANY hospital being worse so I'm certain UT Southwestern is better! GL to you!

  • http://community.thebump.com/cs/ks/forums/thread/43408834.aspx

    I responded to a post with the same question several months ago. It's very lengthy, but it gives my whole experience regarding delivering at UTSW.

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  • Thank you so much! It was very informative



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  • I responded before about  my sis being a L&D nurse there, she is also an L&D Nurse at Parkland (that's her main job,she is just oncall at UT Southwestern).  A lot of the nursing staff is cross-over, she also would not recommend parkland unless you have no other choice.  She says the doctor's at Parkland are very old school.
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  • I'm planning to deliver there.  I made the original post that you were referred to.  I have been inside the facility.  My niece had her baby there but she is only a teenager so I didn't want to just take her word for how the experience was as compared to an older woman.  But it was a pretty decent place.  I wasn't turned off by it  Compared to where I had my DS at Harris Methodist HEB, the rooms are smaller but not too small.  The L&D room at UT was pretty spacious.
  • This is an interesting site. Check it out. www.doctorbyyourside.org
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