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So I know your not supposed to compare but....

Seems like all DD's friends that are all the same age (matter of a week or two apart) are all crawling! DD just rocks back and forth but she can push up on all fours. When did your LO crawl?

Re: So I know your not supposed to compare but....

  • Army crawl - 6.5 months, in the last 2 weeks he has been really crawling.
  • My LO started belly crawling at just over 6 months, and finally got up on his hands and knees at about 8 months I think it was.  He's a day from 9 months now, and currently pulling to standing and cruising along furniture.  That being said, my first son was much later on all those things.  He didn't belly crawl until nearly 9 months. They all have their own pace.  I remember being so anxious for all those milestones with DS1, and now just want DS2 to slow down!  But another thing.  DS2 was very late to roll.  He rolled back to tummy first at 5 months, and then within the next month rolled the other way, rolled continuously, was sitting unsupported, and belly crawling.  He's kinda done things in chunks it seems.  
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  • My DD isn't really crawling yet.  She squirms and kind of army crawls but not real crawling and she hasn't pulled herself up yet either. 
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  • He started crawling last Monday.  He had been rocking on all fours for maybe like 10-12 days prior to that.

    ETA: he skipped army crawling altogether.  

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  • DS didn't start crawling on his knees tell Halloween. I think it was his custom that caused him to do it. He had to lift his belly to move. He was army crawling all of October and is now crawling like a champ. It will happen soon. If she is rocking back-and-forth now, she is due.
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  • Peanut was rocking on all fours and belly crawling at 6.5 months. From there she started pulling to standing/cruising around 7.5 months, and finally about two weeks ago she starting crawling for real. She likes to keep us guessing about which milestones she'll hit next Stick out tongue
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  • DD army crawls.  She has been doing it for probably 2 weeks now.
  • She just started this week. However, in the WTE book it says the average age for crawling is 9m.
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  • My daughter is 7 1/2 months now, and has shown ZERO signs of crawling any time soon.  She just rolled over for the first time last week!  She's completely average in every other way.  I know she's ok developmentally (I do this sort of thing for a living) but I wish she would show some signs of crawling!  She's a very good sitter, though.
  • Not even close to crawling at almost 8 months!  She's not even trying to pull her knees up at all.  She's only recently started really pushing herself up on her arms.  I think she's just not interested yet.
  • We are not there yet, but my friend's baby didn't start crawling until 10 months and then walked at 13 months. They thought he might skip crawling because he was already cruising.
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