3rd Trimester

Homeopathic Remedies?

My MW advised me to start taking two homeopathic remedies on Monday. They are called caulophyllum talictroides and cimicifuga racemosa, she suggested that they could help kick start labor. (I really want to go into labor before tomorrow, because that's when we are scheduling the induction otherwise.) Has anyone else taken these, or something like them? Any luck?

Re: Homeopathic Remedies?

  • Sorry, don't know anything about them. But, I induced labor with both of my boys by walking - a lot. With DS1, I went up and down the riverfront walkway one night - less than 12 hours later, started having contractions. With DS2, got out and mowed the grass - neighbors' husband commented to her that my hubby was a jerk for making me mow the grass so pregnant! Lol. Anyway, started having contractions that next morning.
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