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XP: GD Ladies

I am very new to testing my blood sugar, I just started yesterday. My Dr's office told me to call them if my levels were over 120 for a day.

My fasting blood sugar was 88 this morning

After breakfast was 127

And lunch was 121.

Do I really call if it is 1 point over? Or should it be more drastic to call?

Yesterday after breakfast it was 145 which I blame on the cereal I ate, but the rest of the day was in the 90s.

Any advice? I feel like I don't know what I am doing.


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Re: XP: GD Ladies

  • Wow. That's weird. I have GD, and my dietitian told me that my fasting BS should be below 95 and one hour after each meal, BS should be under 140. 120 is supposed to be the upper limit for the two-hour after a meal mark. I've shown my OB my tests every week (and I'm now 38 weeks) and she said I'm doing fine. I've had a few tests that were just over 140 and some that were just under (although I've tried to document why I thought they were messed up) and she's not scolded me or anything or acted like I need to be worried about it... Not sure what's going on in your case!
  • my nurse educator told me that a "few" above normal numbers are ok, but if they're semi-regular to call.  i test 2 hrs after my meals w/a 120 upper limit as well.  i would call if i were you considering those have been the majority of your results.  are you following a special diet yet?  obviously sugary cereal is out of the question any more..
  • The guidelines for me are 140 1 hour after and 120 2 hours after a meal. Fasting is below 90.  A few high numbers here and there are perfectly fine.  But if your doc told you to call, you should follow their guidelines.
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  • Do you have a dietician available to you that is skilled in GD? They are a great resource! If not, I'd suggest finding one through your OB. 

    I wouldn't be overly concerned with your numbers unless they become a pattern however, I would follow your doctors orders.


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