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Do you feel like your Dr.isn't listening?

So my husband has never really cared for the PA we're seeing and I never really understood why until yesterday. I've been sick and of course not in the mood for people so when i left my appointment I felt like I finally could see what he didn't like.  She's asked me 5 times now (at various appointments) which hospital I'm going to deliver at.  She keeps telling me test results from an ultrasound I had over six weeks ago and looked at my chart and said i was 27 weeks when I'm 29.  Final draw was her getting in her little dig in about my 5lb weight gain since i saw her three weeks ago.  I was telling her how I'm starting to have swelling to which she replied "that might explain the 5lbs".  Nice way to tell someone you're not happy with their weight.  I don't expect her to be my BF and know me personally but at least write things down in the chart so you don't keep asking me the same stuff each appointment.  Anyone else feeling frustrated with their PA/Dr?
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Re: Do you feel like your Dr.isn't listening?

  • I've been very frustrated with my Dr. She harps on my weight EVERY week - I'm 32 weeks and I've gained 18 pounds. Doesn't sound that bad to me! I also had a 5 pound weight gain since my last appt 3 weeks ago, and she didn't lecture me, but she made it clear she wasn't thrilled. (I also have some swelling, just like you.) My biggest complaint is that she is kind of condescending with me, like when I ask a question, she looks at me like I am so stupid for asking and I'm wasting her time. I plan on changing drs after the baby's born, I just really didn't want to change now, when I'm so close to being done. I thought she was great with my first pregnancy, but now there's just more and more about her that is bothering me. =(
  • My issue with my doctor is that he is always on such a time crunch! I feel like I never have time to get my questions out! My last appointment I was asking him a question and he was walking out the door while answering me! So I have to figure out a way to keep him seated until I feel our appointment is over I mean I am paying him! 
  • I felt this way when I was pregnant with my daughter.  I have a new doctor now who is fantastic and takes all the time in the world to answer my questions and address my concerns. 

    My advice to you - switch doctors if you still can.  There's a huge chance you're going to end up unhappy with your birth and it will bother you long after it's over.  As much as I love my new doctor, now that I'm on the other side, it makes me feel even worse that I allowed myself to pay someone to treat me the way my prior doctor did.  I feel like I should have done something about it the minute I felt something was wrong (or listened to my husband who had that feeling from day one).

  • That totally sucks!

    Had that with my last pregnancy! My OB kept asking me if I was going to be induced - she kept trying to get me to be induced so I could "guarantee" that she'd be the one to deliver. She scared one of my other friends into being induced by telling her that her baby was getting too big - and her LO only ended up being just over 7 pounds. (Friend ended up with complications from being induced, too.)

    Plus, her receptionist was a total b!tch and every time I had an appointment, she would remind me of how much money I had to pay by my seventh month - like I should just whip out the checkbook and hand her several hundred dollars like it was nothing.

    Needless to say, I dumped her as soon as I had the baby and haven't regretted it since! My OB this time around is SOOO much better. I don't feel like cattle getting herded in and out with no time for questions and I don't have to wait an hour before every appointment, either!

    GL finding a better doc when you get a chance!

  • I think that the weight thing is so minor, honestly. I feel like since everyone needs to gain different amounts of weight, based on how much they weighed to begin with, getting upset when your doctor brings it up to you is unnecessary. You have a doctor for a reason. They aren't being offensive, they are being honest with you. However, I do believe that there are some care providers who rush through appointments and tend to overlook things that patients are concerned about. It's really important to make them listen. I understand a lot of doctors' days are packed with appointments, but taking their time is important, as not to overlook important details. If you are super displeased with the care you are receiving, and the provider just will not listen, no matter what, ask to see someone else in the practice.
  • I do! I have had a wonderful 7 month long (and counting) yeast infection, and every time I see the dr he tells me to go get some Monistat. Today I finally was like, "NO!!!! I have been throwing Monistat at this thing for months and it does nothing!" He just hooked me up with some prescription stuff, which I took in the beginning of this pregnancy and it did nothing either. So I'm assuming that I'll take this crap again, show up at my next appt in two weeks, and have him tell me to go get some more Monistat.

  • I am frustrated with my doc, I asked him at the last appointment about the Strep B test, he had no clue.... I am switching doctors, the new doc gave me an appointment date until Nov 27, and today I bled a little, so I'll have to go back to my old doctor until I meet the new one... it sucks
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  • I do my doctor never gives me the answers I want. She is always so short and seems like she has more important things to do.
  • Yes.  In fact I called yesterday to express some concerns and her asisstant called me back although my voicemail expressly stated I wished to speak directly with my Dr.  Still have not heard back from them today. It was never perfect, but like you I didn't want to expect a BFF relationship.  I called a few other practices including a group of midwives that deliver at a hospital to schedule interviews.  Even though I am in my 29th week they were able to schedule me in.  

    I think that if you are nervous now, you will be more concerned when you head to the hospital not knowing what sort of experience you will have.  

    Good Luck!

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