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AW: Lukes two month pedi appt!

So Luke had his 2 month pedi appt today and got 3 shots! He was such a trooper! He cried while it was happening and then all was good in the world once I held him. Really one of those moments where your so happy to be a mommy. (More then usual of course)

Anyway, to the stats: At birth he was 3 lbs & 9 oz. 17 in long.

Two months: 8 pounds & 14 oz. & 22 inches long! HOLY MOLY!

& here are two pictures to enjoy. One before we left and one while waiting for the doctor! Im so proud of his great growth! We he was born he was in the bottom 5% and already he caught up and is in the top 75% in growth compared to other babies born at 34 weeks.



Alright. Done AWing myself :)

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Re: AW: Lukes two month pedi appt!

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