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Breastfeeding to bottle...

Help!!  My son will be 8 weeks old this Saturday.  He has only been breastfed and he wants NOTHING to do with a bottle!  I've pumped and my husband has tried feeding him and still he refuses it!  We live in NC and are planning on driving to IL for Thanksgiving.  It would be FANTASTIC if we could get him to take a bottle so we don't have to stop 100 times so I can feed him.  Any suggestions??? 

Re: Breastfeeding to bottle...

  • Were you in the room when your H tried to feed him?
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  • I would try different types of bottles.  With my DD we went through about five different ones before we found a bottle she would take.  And persistence is key, just try every day to give him a bottle.  Have patience too because it won't happen overnight.  Good luck!
  • what bottles/nipples have you tried?  when we switched i gave my daughter a bottle once or twice to kinda fake her out.  
  • We just had this discussion with our pediatrician this morning. 

    Our son is 11 weeks old tomorrow and we have been trying to get him to take a bottle for 7 weeks now! and I have to return to work in 2 weeks so he needs to take a bottle of breastmilk asap.

    Her recommendation was to go cold turkey and only let him have expressed milk in a Avent bottle (the bottle she recommended) until he accepts it. She said it would probably take 48-72 hours and would be hell but that he would finally cave in and then we can reintroduce the breast.

    I am so dreading tomorrow since I know it is going to be quite the battle. I totally feel for you. If I didn't have to return to work though and was just going on a vacation, I would not be going through this to get my baby to take a bottle because breastfeeding is just way too easy compared to bottle feeding. 

  • It took us a good 5 weeks of trying to get DS to take a bottle.  What finally worked was taking him outside, standing in the sun (so that his eyes were closed), and moving the bottle back and forth in his mouth for a bit to get him excited about the milk.  Got him to take 1 oz that way, and then it slowly got better after that.
  • I WAS in the room!  Ughhh....  I'm reading different sites and they suggest not being in the room!  We tried that and he just played with the nipple on the bottle.  He did that for about 10 mins and then he was mad again, so I had to break down and breastfeed him.
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