3rd Trimester

Pregnancy humor...

So, today's my last day at work this year. Big Smile As I'm getting things finished up, I was reminded of an incident that happened a couple of months ago and thought I'd share it for your enjoyment...

So, there was this accident right outside our building one afternoon during which the power lines were ripped from the side of our building. I was in a windowless area of the building working on a computer when the power went out. I had a water bottle on the desk that didn't have the lid on it and when I went to pick it up, I spilled water all over the place. I cursed, and then two of my coworkers said, "What was that?" When I replied, without thinking, "My water," they started freaking out. I quickly had to explain it was my drinking water!

Feel free to share your funny moments, and here's to a Happy Wednesday for all today!

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