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best organic formula? economical?

it's looking like BFing may not work out so I want the best formula. I was using Similac organic but the powder is recalled. Anyone use Earths Best??

Re: best organic formula? economical?

  • Thought I would come over to the board and see if anyone could use some sound advice!

    Organic Formula is not completely necessary, but the few moms I know who did use it, used Baby's Only or Earth's Best.  

    You can always use Similac Organic Ready to Feed.

  • I use Earth's Best for supplement bottles. I like it; we haven't had any problems with it. My DD appears not to be very sensitive though--she takes any kind of formula, different bottles, etc. 

    It's kind of pricey--$30/can--but we can justify it since we only make 4 oz./day. The downside to formula feeding and bottles is that you never know how they'll react till you, for some people, that can mean a lot of lost money.

    Hope it works out for you!

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  • We have used Earths Best in the past.


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  • Im using Earth's Best. It holds her longer than Similac did, she is now eating every 3-4 hours rather than every 2.

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