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baby acne/rash

LO has had some issues with what I assume is baby acne.... she has 5 or 6 little white bumps (look like whiteheads) on her nose that have been there for about 3 weeks.  I keep wondering when they are going to go away.

She also has been breaking out in little red bumps on the sides of her face.... but I noticed today that there are a few little bumps on her upper chest too.  Now I'm getting worried...... anyone deal with anything similar?  Should I call my pedi?

Re: baby acne/rash

  • My son also has one whitehead that he's had since birth, and he gets a lot of red spots that come and go. His is only on his face so far but i was also wondering if there is anything i can do or if it should just be left alone.
  • DS had some redness and bumps on his cheeks and under his chin for a while. I've heard not to use soap on a baby's face, but during his bath I started cleaning his cheeks with a wet washcloth and the red bumps cleared up. I'll also put a little bit of baby powder under his chin once or twice a day to absorb any excess moisture, it seems to keep away the red bumps under his chin.

  • My DD had really bad baby acne/eczema for almost a month. Her face, neck, chest and shoulders were covered in red bumps and her skin felt like leather. Her doctor prescribed her Protopic for it. It's almost completely cleared up now almost a week later.
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  • When DD was 3-4 weeks old, I noticed that her baby acne started getting really bad and spreading a little bit to her neck/chest. I took her to the pedi, and was told that it was "A more severe case of normal baby rash". It finally cleared up about 5-6 weeks. Here is a pic below, but it got worse than that.


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  • The white bumps are called Milia. They are completely normal, nothing ot worry about, and will go away on their own.

    The red pimples are baby acne, which is a result of the mother's hormones at birth. It is also completely normal and there's nothing that can be done to fix it. I've read a bunch of "solutions" online (hot compresses, powder, breastmilk, aquaphor, etc.) and tried them all. It doesn't make a difference. My pedi said they'll be gone in a month or two and not to pick at them or they could scar. 

  • Use corn startch! At least on the rash. I know it sounds strange, but my son has the same issue and the doc said to put corn starch on it. She said it was due to moisture from spit up and formula running down. The corn starch worked within a few days and no more issues!
  • I would check what's in your bath wash you use with LO.  If she doesn't have a fever, mood is the same, and is eating well I wouldn't call the pedi. 

    Our daughter broke out a lot at that age, and we switched detergent and she was fine.  

    Good luck!

  • the white spots sound like Milla.

    Our son has baby acne and it gets worse when formula or drool gets on his skin.  What made the biggest difference is washing the babys clothes,and my and my husbands shirts in dreft (generic).  His flare up seemed worse when we were holding him.  That really helped.

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