2nd Trimester

Eating Badly for 2!

Anyone else feel like they are eating everything in sught good or bad. I feel like I'm eating all the good things plus some junk! I was very good with my eating habits before. (Only ate frits veggies and lean meat). Now I find myself eating oreos and pringles chips  :(

I feel like I should worry more about what my baby is getting but I find myself not giving a darn until after eating badly. Anyone else with me?

Re: Eating Badly for 2!

  • I've been pretty ravenous but luckily I haven't wanted anything bad.  I can't get enough fruits and veggies.  I think the worst I've been is with pizza.  I can put down 3 slices easily and still want more.
  • I get really bad cravings for fast food, especially KFC...I talked to my OB about it, and he said that when his wife was pregnant she ate Taco Bell all the time and she was still healthy. (She only gained 21lbs.) He told me not to worry about it too much as long as I was taking my vitamin every day. I have tried to balance my love for fried chicken with vegetables, whole wheat bread, etc. etc.

  • Sweets. I'm a junk food junkie. I always feel like I need something sweet after every meal. Ugh!
  • 14 wks and still everything makes me want to puke, so I eat anything that doesn't turn my stomach at first glance-which is usually nothing good. fruit usually sits well, and yogurt and string cheese, at least I've got calcium covered. I ate really healthy before, so I'm counting on my reserves:)
  • OMG i'm TOTALLY with you!!! I figure, as long as I do get the good stuff in, a little bad is ok too. I try to eat healthy meals- proteins and veggies- then I allow myself dessert or a snack.

    Half a bag of lindt truffles is ok, as long as I ate my grilled chicken and spinach, right? Stick out tongue


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