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Anyone overweight moms losing weight while pregnant?

I'm overweight by a decent amount, and I have lost weight during pregnancy. My doctor doesn't seem concerned, but it just seems strange to me how this could possibly be happening. I have lost 4 pounds since becoming pregnant, but I know baby Liam is getting bigger. I know I'm eating a tad bit healthier, so that could be why. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I just think it's strange. Any other overweight moms experiencing the same thing?

Re: Anyone overweight moms losing weight while pregnant?

  • I've lost 30 and my dr isn't concerned.  If you had any type of thyroid problem before pregnancy (which I do) being pregnant can either worsen it, or make it non existent (which happened).

    Also, as I posted on someones thread either here or 2nd tri the other day, the pregnancy hormone can cause you to lose weight, and it's actually a weight loss program some women use (getting hormone injections).  I had a friend who did this and lost 20 lbs while on her last cycle or hormones.

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  • I have lost 17 pounds so far and my dr isn't really concerned. At my 16 week appt he said he would like to see me gain a pound by my 22 week appt.

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  • Since the last time I weighed myself pre-BFP I've lost 5lbs. According to my doc's office which I didn't go to until week 10, I'm only up 2. So I lost seven pounds in 10 weeks and now I've gained 2 in the last 12 weeks.

    I have a friend who has a weight issue, and has dabbled with the idea of gastric bypass, but she lost 60lbs with her DD. So, last I checked she wasn't 'big' enough for it anymore. She looked fabulous throughout her whole pregnancy, and her little girl is healthy, beautiful, and precious, she was an 8lb-er!

  • I haven't weighed myself but I know I must've lost some.  Jeans that didn't fit pre-preg fit for a while up until baby bump popped out.  Now they're still comfy in the legs (which they didn't used to be) but I just can't button them. 

  • I was down 10 and gained back 2 so far, my doctor said by the end I should be up about 10-15 but I have been eating healthy and cant eat as much anymore so I am not sure it is going to happen. It feels so good tho, I have people telling me I look pregnant now, I am not sure if I feel it yet tho lol.
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  • Yes, with both of my pregnancies, and my doctor isn't concerned as long as I am eating.  With my last one, I ended up losing/plateauing weight until around 34 weeks.  I actually walked out of the hospital weighing less than I did before my BFP. This time, it is very weird to have a big baby belly, but know that I weigh less than pre-BFP

    Unfortunately, due to an undiagnosed/misdiagnosed insulin resistance, I ended up gaining 100 pounds in less than 2 years.  Thankfully, I was able to lose about 60 of that before getting pregnant.  At this point, I am thankful for not gaining a bunch of weight, because my body does NOT need it. 


  • I have lost about 5 pounds throughout my pregnancy. I actually just lost a few pounds since starting the Gestational Diabetes diet since I am no longer allowed to eat sweets whenever I want. My dietician reassured me that this could happen, and there was no need to worry.

    My midwife isn't concerned at all about my weight loss and from the start wanted my weight to stay the same. She didn't want me to gain any weight at all if I could help it. So needless to say she's happy.


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  • I had lost 10 pounds, however this month so far I have gained 6 pounds.
  • I gained 11 lbs in the since about 13 weeks on, I've been losing weight at each appointment. I think I'm now +4 for the whole pregnancy? Anyway, my doctor doesn't like to see my lose weight, which I think is strange. I am definitely overweight, and the baby is measuring on track or ahead, plus I'm eating all the I don't see what the problem is.
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  • I lost 8 pounds in th first month and have gained back 5. At my last appointment my dr was happy to see that I had gained some weight and said to just continue doing what iam doing. Iam only suppose to gain 15 pounds but iam not going to beat myself up if I gain 20. I've been eating healthier and I get full faster and go to the gym. So I guess we shall see what happens
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  • I lost 2 pounds, but have now gained 4.  It's totally common, so don't worry!
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  • When we found out I was pregnant (at 2 weeks along) I was about 50lbs overweight and lost about 10lbs. I'm almost 25 weeks now and at my 24wk dr appt i finally got back up to my first weigh-in weight (at 7 weeks). It's pretty normal, from what I hear, if you're overweight. My guess is it's because your body is doing so much work making a baby.

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  • Belly Band!! I have a skirt that I love but it's a size 10, which I haven't been since I got married (stupid 'happy lbs') but I wore it to a wedding over the summer with the belly band... skirt was fully UN-zipped to fit around these hips but the belly band kept it on and comfortable!! (besides the nearly 100 degree weather!)
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  • So it's okay to be loosing weight then. My dr. wouldn't call me overweight. She said i'm "fluffy". I go back for my next appt on tuesday, But I think i've lost another 4 pounds. Which is a total of 10 since I got pregant. I'm eating healthier and just hope the baby is okay since i'm not gaining. I'm not throwing it up either which is nice too.
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