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waiting to schedule my c-section..

so i just got home from the doctor.. with no progress 3 weeks in a row.. and the baby is so high.. i went to get a ultrasound.. and the baby is 8lbs 12 oz.. and blood pressure and swelling that keeps rising.. i am waiting for her to call me to schedule a c section. never thought once i would have a c section.. i have mixed emotions about it.. but whatever is best for the baby.. i don't want to go through all that labor and ending up with a c section anyways..
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Re: waiting to schedule my c-section..

  • I know how you feel...my c-section is scheduled for tomorrow, because the baby is breech.  I want what's best for the baby, but it's not at all how I wanted my labor to go :(

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  • Sorry for both of you that it's not going as you had wanted!

    I had to have a c-section for my last pregnancy - DS was breech. I was at the doctor's office for my 40-week check and I hadn't eaten, so she sent me down to registration to get admitted. I was by myself at the time, and by the time I got down there, I just started bawling. The lady at the registration desk called a nun to come sit with me while I waited for them to take me back and for my family to get there... It was a little crazy, needless to say.

    But, the surgery went just fine, and baby was delivered within 20 minutes, which was amazingly fast compared to having gone through 22 hours of labor with my first! It wasn't my first choice, and I was totally freaking out about it, but it turned out there was no need to get myself all worked up over it.

    This time around, I elected to get a c-section (mainly because I didn't want to chance having to go through labor just to turn around and get one anyway - and then I found out I have GD, so it's probably better anyway). I'm much more at ease with it this time around...

    GL to you both, though! I know how stressful it can be...

  • Good luck!!
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  • thanks ladies... we will be having a baby friday morning!!! still emotional about it but i can't wait to see him!!! xoxox
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  • I am so sorry things didn't work out the way you hoped. But it is a great thing that you have such a wonderful attitude about it. I hope everything goes well and you have a great birth and recovery. :)
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