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Big Toe?

Does anyone have big toe pain? My foot is swollen naturally, being 38 weeks...But I CANNOT walk. I can't put pressure on my big toe what so ever. There is no sore, I didn't stub it, injure it, break it..Its not an ingrown..I just can't figure it out. Don't think my OB will see me unless its related..Anyone feel this? Icing/elevating/soaking in Epsom..Hoping for some relief.

Re: Big Toe?

  • Is it a shooting pain or a dull aching pain?

    I had big toe pain (shooting pains) about a month ago and the doctor just dismissed it.  It finally went away on its own but I never found anything that would releive the pain.  Do you have gout?  It is a uric acid build up.  My dad has this in his big toe and it really affects him.  Maybe just call your nurse/doctor and see what they suggest.

  • Just lurking from 9-12, but I'm a podiatrist, so maybe I can help.  If it's gout, your big toe joint would be red, hot, swollen and so painful it hurt to have the bed sheets touch it.  If your feet are really swollen, it can compress the nerves enough (and there's a large nerve for your big toe) to give you pain.  It could also be sesamoiditis - inflammation of the two small bones (sesamoids) under your big toe. 


  • Huh.  Good to know.  Thanks for responding...
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