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Had my baby almost 6 weeks early!

Hi everyone!

I know I have been absent for a little while and my posts have been infrequent due to my job getting crazy.

Well, I was actually due on December 8 but ended up having my son on October 30, almost 6 weeks early.  On October 29 I was sitting in a lunch meeting and began having contractions.  Everyone kept asking me if I was okay and I said that I was fine and that I was probably only having braxton hicks contractions.  I ended up going to the doctor that afternoon and she wanted me to go to the hospital for monitoring right away.  I asked whether it was absolutely necessary and she said that I could go home, rest and drink a ton of water and, if they got worse, to go straight to emergency for monitoring.

Well, they got really bad at around 8 so I went to the hospital and they ended up keeping me overnight.  The contractions finally stopped at midnight.  I got discharged the next morning and was told to take it easy and drink lots of water.  The contractions started again that afternoon and by 10:00 p.m. I was back in L&D with my hubby.  I was already 3 cm by that time.  They gave me something to take the edge off and by 2:00 a.m. I was begging for an epidural.  I was still only 3 cm so I sent my husband home to get some rest.  I said I'd call as soon as I was getting close.  Well, I ended up calling him at 6:00 a.m. informing him that I was fully dialated and just waiting to push! haha  I started pushing at 6:15 and by 7:16, my son Max was born by VBAC!!!

I am sad to say that he is still in the NICU and is expected to be there until at least the end of November but he is doing well and growing every day and we can't wait to have him come home!!

I still can't believe that he is already here!!

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