TTC After a Loss

how does the body works after MC

hello, after my MC at 8 weeks (3 weeks ago)

how long till the period comes again?


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Re: how does the body works after MC

  • I'm so sorry to hear about your loss.  I hope you area able to find the support you need here.  This is an excellent group of women who have all, unfortunately suffered a loss as well, so we know how you're feeling.

    As for AF, it's hard to say.  I think it's different for everyone.  Some people get it about four weeks later, others won't see AF show her ugliness until seven or eight weeks later.

    For me, I got my first AF at about five weeks post loss, though I bled and spotted for about four weeks following my natural mc.  After that, AF was totally unpredictable.  Anywhere from 21 - 29 days in the four months that followed.  Some people's systems are able to work their way back to normal shortly after a loss, others take some time before becoming regular again.  

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  • I'm sorry for your loss. Welcome to the board. Please check out our TTCAL Blog, which has a ton of information in it, and may even answer your question a little better. Everyones body is different, and because of that, it is not possible to give you an answer. All I know is that it took me about 5 weeks, I think for me to get my period after my mc. Good luck! Here is the link for the blog:
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  • Usually takes around 4-8 weeks to come back, unfortunately. Mine took 12...but I'm dumb and didn't go to a doctor after 8 *embarrassed* and I'm unusual. 
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  • I'm sorry for your loss. Welcome and I hope AF comes for you soon!
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  • I had a D&E - AF came to visit exactly 5 weeks to the day after my D&E.
  • I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope you are able to find some support and answers here. For me I think it took about 4 weeks after natural m/c, but it's different for everyone. Have you talked to your doctor about it?
  • I'm sorry about your loss and welcome to the board. We have a TTCAL blog that can answer a lot of your questions. The link is in the bottom of my siggy.

    Every woman is different, but it took 8 wks after my d&c for AF to show.
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  • I am sorry for your loss. AF came for me about 7 weeks after my procedure and 5 weeks after my levels dropped to 3. My Dr. told me that if after 8 weeks and still no AF to come back and see her. I hope she comes soon for you.
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  • Everyone is different, I was told 6-8 weeks.

    I am going on 8 weeks since my loss and still have yet to see AF - my OB wrote me a script for Provera, to bring on my period, which I just started yesterday *fingers crossed* it comes soon!

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  • Ladies,
    I didn't see this post until now, I really appreciate your support and words of comfort, something that I didn't really find but here.

    I was so sad, enraged, dissapointed about everything: had problems at work : boss pointed her dissapointement at me because of the missed hours and the turn this lost pregnancy worked out & I wasn't thankful enough for all she did for me (a few days after my natural mc -  a woman that had 6 mc herself); I didn't feel I was well cared for at my doctors' (I guess bc they see this episodes everyday it's nothing out of the ordinary) ; my bf in order to be the strong one, was too sportive and confident about the next time, he tries his best always.

    I was totally numb, out of myself, I felt neglected, abused...

    now 4 months after I'm doing better, trying to pick up the pieces myself and carry on... life is beautiful, I have an angel, and in order to be rady for next time God willing I have to take care of myself now...

    Ladies, God Bless you and provide the best for you!

    Thank you again for your beautiful words

    My Angel went back to the Arms of God at 8w2d on Oct. 23rd 2010... Got Positive PT on Oct 12 2012! Doing my Best to make it work this 2nd chance I was Given. Thx God!! BabyFetus Ticker
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