Lilypadz cleaning question

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but...

Haven't had LO yet, but I've been wondering about this.  Took a BF class and the teacher swore by Lilypadz, so I got some.  I've read about cleaning them both on the box and online and they have a special cleaner in order to "keep the Lilypadz tacky," but I'm sure that I can use something far cheaper to clean them.  Any recommendations?  They were a little expensive (well, expensive when you have no money!), so I don't want to use the wrong thing and destroy them.  TIA!

Re: Lilypadz cleaning question

  • I love my Lilypadz! I just use dish soap to clean them, a drop or two is all you need. I swear the directions even said that. Use a good degreasing soap like Dawn. I just rub it around, rinse, and let air dry. I did the same thing with the them when I nursed my older son and they were fine the whole 18 months!
  • Thank you thank you!  I figured you could use some other kind of soap, but I just didn't want to ruin them.  The soap they have is in a small container and costs more than I'm willing to spend, and I knew there had to be some kind of alternative!  Big Smile
  • I have the cleaner that came with them bc they got less sticky when I used regular soap.  I used them a lot though and they don't stay sticky forever.  The bottle lasts FOREVER so it's not a bad deal.  I bought 2 and used maybe 1/4 of one before I stopped using the Padz.  
  • I just used a normal mild soap. Mine are still sticky almost 4 years later. I started leaking real bad and did not have other pads in the house.
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