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just so tired(vent NBR)

 I guess it's all part of this pregnancy.But no matter how much sleep I get I am still just as tired as before I went to bed.I feel like I just cannot get rested up and it's driving me crazy.On top of that I am constantly itching and nothing helps it...

  We had our Thanksgiving early because it's the only time DH was off work,but MIL had to work and was the only family member who was not there.So now she wants to do Thanksgiving again on Thanksgiving day..DH and I bought all of the food for our early Thanksgiving and cooked almost everything by ourselves.We spent close to $400 on all the stuff we got..

  She wants us to buy the turkey and ham,plus wants me to bring 3 covered dishes plus a dessert.We just can't afford to do that again.I just don't know how to tell her no,since she didn't get to be there last week,but we just can't.MIL has never really liked me and will end up blaming this on me if we don't come.And we always do christmas by ourselves and just go visit for a little while and take everyone their gifts.She wants us all to do it together this year...

  Someone please help me hide,lol.Maybe it's just my hormones but I want to strangle her!!!!!!!!DH completely agrees with me,and so do both SIL's so this is gonna cause a big uproar right at the holidays.I will be close to 35 or 36 weeks pregnant and I will not be wanting to deal with this stress.I already can't deal with it!!!!

Re: just so tired(vent NBR)

  • Have your DH tell her that you can't afford to bring all of the food to her Thanksgiving dinner, but that you will happily bring one covered dish or dessert if she'd like.  You stay out of it.
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    Have your DH tell her that you can't afford to bring all of the food to her Thanksgiving dinner, but that you will happily bring one covered dish or dessert if she'd like.  You stay out of it.

    Agreed.  It's not your (or DH's) fault she couldn't make it to the Thanksgiving you guys already had, which you completely did on your own, so if she wants another turkey day, she can do it.  If she insists, you guys could just not go.  Completely up to you, but I would definitely have DH run interference for you both.  The fact that all of your hubby's siblings feel the same way is a really good indication that you guys are being completely rational!

    As for Christmas, you (or DH, really) could just wait and say that you've never done it that way before and this year is really not the year to start, since you'll be very pregnant and will tire easily.  You might want to wait on that battle until it gets closer so she doesn't feel like it's just no, no, no!

  • Dang, if you are bringing all that, what the heck is she providing????

    I agree with the pp. Have your DH tell her that you guys spent $400 on the first Thanksgiving dinner and you can't afford to do anything more! (Or if you did decide to go offer to take ONE side dish and maybe a pie.) But good grief! I'd be livid.

    As for being tired, I know how you feel. My H is working long hours right now and I have 2 little boys to keep up with. I'm not sleeping well and I'm beat. Hang in there:( Try to rest when you are able!


  • This lady has some set of balls. It's not your fault she couldn't make it, so if she wants to do Thanksgiving, tell her to do it at her place, on her dime. Screw that! And especially due to the fact that she doesn't even like you...all the more I wouldn't do it.
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  • Thanks everyone! I thought maybe I was being a b!tch..She has just called Dh at work and fussed at him for letting me run all over him...He told her that not only woulld we not be coming but she needed to stop calling and stressing me out.I have my 7 and 3 year old at home right now and am stressed enough.So she said nevermind we wont have another Thanksgiving since I just had to go get pregnant and ruin everything!!!

      Wow has she got some nerve!DH told her when she grew up to let us know that I got pregnant way before turkey day and if she din't like it she didn't have to be part of LO's life..So glad he took up for me.And I don't understand the because I went and got pregnant remark!I am 29 weeks,it's not like I just got pregnant.Oh well,can't make everyone happy and I am not gonna try anymore.

  • Good for him!  I'm glad to hear he's willing to stand up to her.  I've known many a "grown" man who was like a child when it came to his mom.  Sounds like she's the one who tries to walk all over him, NOT you.

    And I personally love the comments she made, like you purposefully got pregnant to ruin her life.  I love it when people say stuff like that.  I've always wanted to respond with something snarky like "yes, you are correct.  I have a personal vendetta against YOU, and therefore, I did ______ just to spite you."  And like Thanksgiving won't happen for the rest of the country because you in particular decided to get preggers.  Thanks for ruining it for the rest of us!  Crying  lol

  • Lol!!! I'm so sorryCryingj/k yeah she drives me insane.She called a little while ago and I let the machine get it.I was informed I am no longer having a baby shower.Which I really don't care we already have everything we need.So I am just ignoring it.If being childish makes her feel better I can turn my ringer off and she can talk to my answering machine all dayYes
  • Wow! That's about all I can say...

    Happy for you that DH stood up for you! My DH was always a momma's boy, and she hated me for a long time because I "took" him away from her. Lol. She tried to do some dumb stuff, but I would be ready to kill her if she pulled some stunt like that!

    It sounds like she's really jealous of you and the attention you're getting. And I'm sure H standing up to her like that really just sent her off the deep end even further... She'll either put her big girl panties on at some point and get over it, or keep throwing her fit and miss a wonderful opportunity to support her son/DIL and be a part of your LO's life! Either way, the ball's in her court now! I don't blame you for letting her talk to the machine! GL!

  • You're not a b!tch and I'm totally proud of both of you for standing up to your in laws/parents.  I'm blessed everybody 1400 miles away and I'm on travel restriction for the win! =) 

    I hope that you and your DH and your LO and whom ever else is going to join you have an absolutely fabulous holiday! 

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