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WE DID IT! [long/PIP]

I just want to scream to the whole world that I got MARRIED to the absolute LOVE of my LIFE yesterday! Everyone told us to go ahead and get married because it's what your "supposed to do" before you have a baby, they would pay, they would plan, blah blah blah**, but aren't you supposed to get married for YOURSELVES?? Well that's exactly what we did. We went to the courthouse, only told a few family members, and got hitched  : D

Of course there was a whooole lot of staring since I'm ya know, 9 months pregnant, but whatever! They were just jealous cause I looked so adorable with my big ole belly and my stripey skirt, right??

And right in the middle of our vows I said really quietly so only my hubby could hear: "Oh no, I'm too pregnant, I'm not gonna make it" and promptly started bawling big, happy tears of euphoria!


Sorry for the completely useless post, I just love saying that I'm MARRIED! I still can't believe I found the sweetest, most caring guy I could ever have imagined, and to think, HE likes ME too! WHEW!

**Note: I sounded bratty right there, the thing is, our family couldn't afford a wedding for us. I appreciate the offer, but I would feel horrible taking family's money that is needed for more important things!



By the way, there's the stripey skirt I'm referring to. Best maternity skirt everrr!



Re: WE DID IT! [long/PIP]

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