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Surprise baby shower!

Yesterday evening DH and I went over to his parents house for supper as we were having a "celebration supper" with my dad and stepmom to celebrate the baby coming. After we finished eating, friends and family started showing up for a surprise baby shower! Surprise

Of course, I was so NOT dressed for the occasion as I was only expecting to go over to the inlaws place to eat lasagna, but it was a lot of fun and we got a lot of really great stuff. I looked like a total hobo dressed in yoga pants and an old college t-shirt with no make-up and hair everywhere! DH is in a lot of trouble for knowing that this was going to happen and still let me leave the house looking the way I did LOL!

Oh, and I totally thought I was going into labor at the beginning of it, but I think it was just my nerves as I was super surprised and nervous with everything going on. When people started showing up I started getting really bad pains in my lower belly every few minutes but I didn't want to say anything to anyone because I didn't want to start a big thing in front of so many people. The first thought in my head was "OMG, if my water breaks in front of all these people I am going to DIE!" LOL! It must have just been my nerves causing it because after an hour or so once I calmed down a bit they went away, thank god! LO needs to stay inside until at least Friday as DH had to leave shortly after the shower to go away for work and won't be home until then. LO has been told that he can not give anymore false alarms like that... until Friday that is!

Pic of the amazing cake that MIL got:



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