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Christmas gift for the new baby?

What are you getting your new baby for Christmas, if anything?  I don't know that I'll get DD anything, she'll only be 7 weeks or so old. 

DS will be different because he's 18 months old, and will understand it more.

Re: Christmas gift for the new baby?

  • This is our third, and our middle one still believes in Santa. So, Santa's bringing LO something fairly small (not sure what, yet... DS will be here by then, so hopefully something he might need or we forgot about), but we aren't getting him anything. Mainly because we've bought ALL this stuff for baby up until now and it just doesn't seem fair. Plus, I'll still be on my maternity leave (without pay).
  • In my case, DS won't be born by Christmas.

    If he were going to be 7 weeks old, I'd probably just let my husband pick out a giant stuffed animal for him and take some pictures with it.  nothing else really - I'd be going much more crazy at his next christmas when he was 1.

  • I am getting some of the toys that I plan on buying before LO's first birthday. Like the 6 and 9 + month toys mainly because of the great sales! But yea I'll just be getting cutesy stuff like the $4.99 Dog from BRU yup got that already for LO!!
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  • I will probably get the baby one of those little "gyms", and someone on here suggested a savings account, which I think is a great idea!
  • I don't really know either. I think I'm going to start building her book collection??? She'll be right around 4 weeks so I don't really think she'll be upset or miss it or anything...my mom is going to get her electric swingy thing, because I have jumpers but she can't use those til she can hold her head up.
  • We do Christmas and Hanukah (which is really early this year!).  I don't know if the new baby will get anything for Hanukah, but I picked up one toy for Christmas at Kohl's - one of those soothing seahorse things.  DS didn't have one, so at least it'll be something different.  Maybe I can get the baby a book or a new Sophie giraffe for Hanukah (DS destroyed old Sophie by throwing her everywhere, but he loved her!)  Definitely something small though - they have no idea what's happening anyway!

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  • I am going to get baby a soothing lamb for his sleepy time. Also some little toys for when he is a bit older.
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  • My DD won't be born by Christmas, but I already have one gift picked out for next Christmas- a personalized book:



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  • I have a Christmas ornament for DD2. A bib, and that's about it. I might wrap up some of the few clothes that I've gotten her (if she doesn't wear them beforehand). I wanted to get her a Glow-worm thing...DD1 never had one, so I thought that would be nice.
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  • We're getting him the little playmat. I didn't want the two kids saying "why didn't Santa bring him anything?" so we decided we'd just get that a little early. I figured our family members would be getting him something, so what he got from them would be plenty.
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  • I spending the same amount of money on DD as I am on DS. To me it's not an issue of whether she or DS will notice, but just a matter of fairness.

    Her "big" present will be an exersaucer. We borrowed one for DS, so we don't currently have one. She'll also get some clothes, books, a pink seahorse (DS sleeps with the blue one), and a lovey.


  • She'll be born on 12/22. I'm buying things for her to grow into over the next year, things that I would be buying anyway, but I'm wrapping them from Santa for DS's sake. 

    DS got a huge first xmas, so this little one deserves it too, if it's only for pictures. 

  • LO will get a ton from family, but I still want to do something for our first family Christmas.  I figure that I will probably pick up some things that we discover we need, plus things to grow into - 6-9 month toys, shoes, etc.

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  • Baby girl is getting a wii because we knew some people who were selling it for super cheap. My son is getting something else huge, and he would notice if Santa skipped his sister. But in all honesty, if I didn't have an older kid, this girl would only get a stocking and stuff from other people.
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