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coughing/throwing up at night

What is the deal with this? I brought LO to the doc last week because she had thrown up 3 times at night(once a night), had a fever one day and got a rash the next. Doc said it was a virus, and everything was fine for a few days. Rash and fever are gone. Now LO threw up Wednesday night and tonight. She's been coughing on and off at night too. I do plan on calling the doctor again on Monday, but I was just wondering if anyone else had gone through this.

Re: coughing/throwing up at night

  • We have a low grade fever (100.9) and a pretty bad cough as well, no throwing up though.. She has the worst diaper rash I've ever seen, but not anywhere else on her body.. I called the dr and didn't get a lot of info, just kinda wait it out.
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  • We went through something similar with DD when she was 6 months. It was a combination of a virus and teething. It lasted about 7 days and it didn't gradually get better either she kept getting worse until she woke up day 8 perfectly fine. 

    A humidifier may help with the coughing, most likely she has mucus built up which is why she throws up. That is what was going on with DD.  We gave her 1 oz of pedialite every feeding as well and it seemed to help with her energy level. 

    I was constantly checking in with our pedi. the reassurance was worth calling him again,and again for me. 

  • My first reaction is reflux. However, that's probably because I have GERD and have had it since I was 4. It is still a possibility, though.
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