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Pediatrician or Family Practice Dr.

Are any of you using a family practice dr instead of a pediatrician? I've heard of people doing this, and I'm personally thinking about doing this myself because pediatricians in my area just plain suck (and there's only 3 to choose from). I really don't feel like driving an hour out of my way to take my LO to an appointment, but I don't want to choose just anybody for the sake of convenience. We have an AMAZING family practice dr, and are considering asking him to be our LO's primary care physician.
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Re: Pediatrician or Family Practice Dr.

  • We use a family practice doctor. It's nice because all of us go to the same person so he's been able to get to know us well.
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  • If you don't like the pediatricians in the area and you love the family practice doc, I would go with your instincts!

    We had a pediatrician with DS2 and after 13 months, found out he wasn't doing all of the "checks" on development because DS was way behind with speech and physically/muscle development. I was the one that brought up concerns, but he blew it off. So, I took DS to get evaluated and he was in therapy until a little after his third birthday. Needless to say, we switched (to a different pediatrician, because I can't find a family doctor in my area I like).

    My point is, just because the doc is a pediatrician doesn't mean he/she would be any better than a family doc - and there's a lot to be said for having a doc you truly trust to properly care for your LO! Good luck to you!!

  • I was considering taking our LO to our family doc but he doesn't take infants.
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  • Definitely go with your instincts on who is the best IYO. If that is a family practice then yes. 


  • If we had a family dr that we used, we likely would have gone that route as well (provided they accept infants). But we don't, so we went with a pedi.

    If they take infants and you are comfortable there, then stick with them.



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  • I've been seeing my PCP for 10 years and I love her so I'm definitely taking LO there.  I love knowing that I completely trust her and it's nice to be able to have my appts at the same time as LO in the future.
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  • I am using my family practice doc--the same one DH and I see. I love her because she's friendly, has great bedside manner, and I trust her. I was way more comfortable choosing someone I already knew was good than interviewing strangers to take care of LO.
  • We do because the nearest pediatrician is 20 minutes away, and our family dr. is less than 5 minutes away. It is much more convenient for us. DS is two, and so far so good! They have always been really great about getting us in right away when he is sick.
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  • I haven't used a PCP in a few years. Since my insurance changed, I just go to Patient First when I'm sick, and see whoever's on duty. I never thought about finding a family practice, so we use a pedi. However, I would say to use the doctor you are most comfortable with. It's unfortunate if they're an hour away, but IMO it's worth the travel to see a dr you're confident in and feel most comfortable with. GL with your decision.



  • We take our son to a family medicine physician.
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  • We're starting LO with my dr who is a FP doctor. If for some reason it doesn't work out, I'll look for a ped then.
  • We're using a family practive doctor for our LO. I'm actually delivering with my family practice doctor instead of an OB. The same doctor will be LO's doctor.
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  • Our family practice doc also specializes in pediatrics, which is great.

    Honestly, she's better with children than with adults, in  my opinion.  I find her a bit annoying & condescending as an adult.

    However, she is literally right down the road and exclusively offers evening and weekend appointments, which is awesome.  We both work and it's essential to us that we actually be able to get to the doctor without major headaches.

  • I have been seeing a Family Practice Dr. for the past few years.  She has also acted as my OB and will deliver my baby and we will also be seeing her for our little one rather than a pediatrician.  I think that if you can find a good Dr and your child has no complications that require a specialist, there is nothing wrong with going with a Family Practice Dr that you trust!


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