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Packing the hospital bag

Ok, so I've heard and seen some pretty exhaustive lists for what to pack, but I am still unsure.  i have my "labor bag" and some toiletries and stuff, but what do I REALLY need. This is my first, and I am due in about 3 weeks. AAAHHHH! any suggestions?

Re: Packing the hospital bag

  • Less is more.  Your husband can easily go home at some point to get things you don't think to pack, but don't forget that you have to lug everything (plus stuff people give you at the hospital, the baby, etc...) home with you.  Less is more.

    My bag, if you're interested:

    -toiletry bag

    -power cords for phone, iPod, and cameras

    -socks (two pairs)

    -nursing gown/light bathrobe (may not use, but just in case)

    -The Nursing Mother's Companion

    -Uggs (for walking around during labor)

    -going home outfit for baby

    -going home clothes for me

  • Clothes for you and DH, including pjs. Not sure why I didn't think about sleeping, but we had to sleep in jeans for 2 nights.

    camera, phone, laptop, chargers,

    toothbrush, shampoo, makeup,

    More than 1 outfit for DC. I'd suggest bringing 2 newborn and 2 of the 0-3 month. Sometimes they don't fit in one, and DD threw up on her first outfit before we got out the door.

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  • I agree with PP.  I am packing exactly this!  Lots of warm clothes for our DS because it's cold here in January!!
  • Everything mentioned above, and then your baby book! A lot of them have spaces for the hand and foot prints at the hospital..
  • My hospital gave me a list and basically suggested a robe since you will get chilly in that gown, socks and or slippers, comfy loose going home clothing, outfit for baby and blanket, baby book if you want to write immediate entries, personal shower stuff.  Lets see, camera, book to read, full support bra, and nursing bra.  Most provide a hairdryer etc.  Thats mine!
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  • All I brought was my laptop, some books, shampoo and soap, slippers, a robe and nursing tanks, and a camera and chargers. I didn't need anything else and I was there for a week (long ass induction and c-section)
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  • i took: slipper socks, a hand held fan(awesome during labor), pajamas(i wore those after the birth instead of the gown), my own pillow, outfits for me and DS to come home in, charger for my cell phone, and a toiletry bag.  

    the hospital provided everything else we needed. 

  • For my labour with DS I packed (and used):

    - pj's for me

    - toiletries (shampoo, body wash, razor)

    - extra heavy duty pads (full pack of them)

    - breast pads

    - nursing bra

    - hair brush

    - laptop (with charger)

    - cell phone (with charger)

    - clothes to go home in

    - one outfit for the baby to go home in

    and most importantly

    - the card to add the baby to the insurance right away

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  • I'm working on getting things together today.  I'm surprised that no one has mentioned taking the Boppy pillow.  I took it for DS and am sooo glad that I did.  I'm going to be in for a few days for a scheduled c/s, so I'm taking several sets of PJs w/button-up fronts, nursing tanks, some granny panties (which I didn't even use last time because I used the mesh panties), mini shampoo/conditioner bottles, other toiletries, laptop, camera, a few outfits for baby... I can't really think of anything else right now.  Oh, and a few empty bags to help carry any gifts we get.
  • I am also going to pack change for the vending machines and some small bills in case H has to order food while i'm in labor.  And make sure your H/So has all the numbers of who to call (family/friends etc) including your pediatrician if they come to see the baby in the hospital. 

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  • So if I have learned anything having had 2 babies before and looking at packing my bag for my 3rd soon it is this...do NOT bring anything to wear that you care about getting ruined. Seriously. I am all for bringing things to be more comfy like my own socks, robe, slippers etc but really I either bring old things or, this time I bought some cheap socks and some dark yoga pants for after labor and dug out old slippers. You can leak or sometimes GUSH anything from various places at any time during labor (ok that is a bit over dramatic but you know what I mean) and unless your husband/so plan on going home and shouting out stains all night, whatever various fluids touch will be tossed. So maybe dont wear Uggs in labor? Just a thought.
  • My plan is to pack as little as possible.

     Going home outfit for baby

    Going home outfit for me


    Yoga pants and nursing tank for after delivery

    Toiletry bag

    phone chargers

    Laptop and charger (so we can Skype with my brother who lives across the country)

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  • My current list:

    -post-baby clothes (black yoga pants, cami, zip fleece)
    -going home outfit for me (black yoga pants, white cami, black hoodie, running shoes)
    -1-2 hipster panties- will likely just wear mesh ones
    -going home outfit for baby (and a backup)
    -baby blanket to put over carseat
    -3 pair dark fuzzy socks
    -slippers for walking the halls
    -toiletry bag (makeup, brush, deo, toothbrush/paste, hair ties, lotion, CHAPSTICK, mouthwash, nail file for baby)
    -nursing bra, nursing pads
    -Belly Bandit (may not use)
    -DH clothes, pjs

    -paperwork: insurance card, ID, birth plan, etc
    -own pillow in bright colored pillowcase (not white)
    -candy for nurses, mints, gum, water bottle, snacks for DH
    -baby book (footprints, etc)
    -Christmas ornaments (nurses told us to bring anything we wanted baby's footprints on)
    -camera (still, video), cellphone, laptop, memory cards & chargers
    -Tylenol, Tums, stool softener (I'd rather take my own than be charged $8/pill or possibly wait 30 min to get one).
    -keeping extra bag in the car for freebies

    Not bringing Boppy though some like it.  Not bringing iPod, jewelry.

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  • This is what I USED shower stuff deodorent hairbrush going home outfit for me and baby a blanket for lo my slippers ipad phone and changer and charger for dh I think that's it! Never put any makeup on stated in a Johnnie used a second Johnnie as a robe lo was in a hospital provided tshirt until discharge they provided diapers and wipes a pump if I needed one ordered extra food with every meal for dh. Oh and my camera :)
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