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My new job makes me kinda sad

Don't get me wrong.  I LOVE having a job.  I LOVE having the income.

But I'm finding myself so exhausted at the end of the day that I'm starting to snap at the kids, I'm neglecting friends, neglecting housework, and I also find myself trying to figure out how I'm going to see the BF.  Granted, he works in the Gulf and is only on land 14 days each month and it sucks. 

Re: My new job makes me kinda sad

  • I know how you feel. For me I have to add in going to school FT on top of work, taking care of ds and seeing (ex)SO (we're working on things)...

    I've had to choose a day where I do cleaning/getting the house stuff done. My day is Wednesday because I don't have any homework due that day, no meetings to attend and is just a lazy day.

    I find that I snap at ds more when I am stressed out and when he's wanting to be clingy. DS just has to live with it when I am doing something and can't be 100% vested in him at that time. I as well neglect friends because I just don't have time to talk/hang out with them....not that I have many friends here anyways...

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  • I'm sure you will find a good balance soon. It just takes some time to figure out a good rhythm. For me, housework is the last thing on my mind. Sure, sometimes my house gets dirty, but it's more important to spend what little hours a day I get with my son then so dishes.
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