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Ankles...where are you??

I just noticed last night--for the first time--that my ankles are gone!  I didn't think I'd had any swelling...I'm still wearing my rings.  When I said to DH, "I have cankles!"  he said they've been like that for awhile.  First of all, why was he looking at my ankles, and secondly, why didn't he say anything?

His reply: "I know better than to tell a pregnant woman that she has puffy ankles!"

Ok, then!  Wise man!

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Re: Ankles...where are you??

  • LOL!!! My ankles had been swelling really badly a couple of months ago, then started to go back down. Now, they're puffier than ever. I always joke that I have elephant feet!

    The best part is when you push on the skin and it stays indented for a little bit. I like to show my older boys that, because it kinda freaks them out. But, hey, this is my third pregnancy, and it's just a part of it! I figure if I can find a way to laugh about it, it's a lot easier to deal with!

  • This is my first and I did get a little whiny about a week ago with DH and said "oh no!  I have cankles!"  And he, being the smart man he is, said "no you don't - you're perfectly fine!"  Any time I've said anything about my weight or anything (and not the number, mind you, just the crazy large growth on the front of my body...lol), he makes sure to tell me that I'm beautiful and I'm growing a baby so to get over it!  **swoon**
  • I notice my ankles were starting to disappear a couple of weeks ago, but since I've been on bedrest and lying down all the time the swelling had completely gone away.  I guess there is something good about being on bedrest at least!
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