Toddlers: 12 - 24 Months

Do you have the IKEA play kitchen?

If you do, can you tell me about it in general, and specifically about the microwave?

We have the Step 2 Lifestyle New Traditions Kitchen (which I got on clearance at Target last year) and DS loves it, but 

 1) can move it around (I know we could bolt it to the wall though)

 2) the microwave is too small for any of the dishes, except the cups.


I would be willing to get a bigger kitchen if I thought it would be more accurate! We live about 3 hours from IKEA but are considering taking a trip before Christmas.

Is the microwave large enough for toy plates? Like maybe 5" in diameter?






Re: Do you have the IKEA play kitchen?

  • I was just there yesterday and honestly it seems kind of flimsy to me. (head on over to if you are handy and want to build one! I love those!) maybe the Ikea ones would be good with wood glue holding them together?


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  • Wow, thanks for the website! Yeah I was hoping that the IKEA version would be more like our kitchen cabinets, which he loves to open & close- the plastic ones just aren't as satisfying. But flimsy would NOT be good for my boy! 


    Hmmm I'm not handy but my dad is... I wonder...?  Hahaha


  • We have the IKEA kitchen and it is NOT flimsy at all. The one in the store was a little bit, probably from everyone playing with it and not having things right enough. Ours is very sturdy, DS would have to try really hard to move it. I'd say the microwave could fit small plates, not sure about what diameter exactly. The only prob with the microwave is that it's kinda high, so DS is just now able to open it easily (at about 35 inches). It's a very simple kitchen which we like, but if you're looking for something with more gadgets and things it wouldn't be a good fit.
  • Thanks for telling me! We are (probably) going to IKEA for the play food, so we will check out the microwave when we are there. I want to have him be able to "cook" like we do, so the sizes are important.


    Thanks again! 

  • I went to Ikea this past week to look at the kitchen and a toy box. Its not worth it!
  • Granted we haven't assembled it yet, but we picked our kitchen up from IKEA last weekend. I was very happy with the quality of even the floor model. It is absolutely adorable. I can't wait to give it to DD on Christmas morning.

    I'm pretty sure the microwave will hold a small plate. As far as the height issue goes, it is adjustable, at least. Though since we haven't put it together yet, I don't know if DD will be able to reach it or not, even on the lowest setting. We'll see. It will be a toy she can grow with though, so I'm ok with that.

    My requirements for a kitchen were 1) not plastic, and 2) as realistic as possible, and 3) neutral colors. This one defintiely fit all three. So it really depends on what you're looking for.

    The accessories (pots & pans, utensils, flatware, play food, etc) are all very great quality (and realistic, which I liked), especially for the price.

    photo c107d4aa-9909-4a33-b3bd-bd94168bd5fc.jpg

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