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Second emotional breakdown last night

Last week, I had a crummy day. Lost my debit card, got into a fight with a lady at the bank and both LOs were being horrible and not listening to me at all while I was trying to get that stuff taken care of (as well as the rest of the day as well). Unfortunately, I took out my frustration on them and screamed at them. A lot. Then I went home, made them stay in their room and just cried.

Yesterday, nothing horrible happened, other than the LOs being really bad at the grocery store. By the time DH got home, I was trying so hard to hold it all in because I know he doesn't want to come home to all that mess after a long day at work. After I made dinner and gave everyone their food, I went to my room without eating and just cried again.

I eventually got myself together enough to go back and eat but poor DH doesn't know how to handle my emotions. I told him I refuse to take the kids to the store now. I will only go shopping by myself after he gets home. I can't handle the stress of shopping with them, not to mention I can't get my belly around those car cart things at the checkout line.

I guess I'm just venting. I hate feeling so frustrated and helpless sometimes. I find myself second-guessing if I can handle 3 kids (I know I can, it's just in moments of weakness). Ugh, I can't wait for these hormones to somewhat balance out.

Re: Second emotional breakdown last night

  • Hang in there! One thing to remember is that kids are resilient and they know you love them so don't beat yourself up too bad about losing your cool. It happens... My DH never knows what to do with my emotions either but such is life and at the end the day you're in it together so being up front about it is the best solution.  I hope you have a better day today-sending lots of happy (non-emo)  thoughts your way ; )
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  • I think that is a good idea to go shopping by yourself if you can.  Right now, I think it is good for all of us to avoid stressful situations as much as possible and two LO at a store, well that is just stressful anyway you look at it.  Don't worry.  I am sure you're an amazing wife and mother.  You and your family are going to be just fine, and you just need to work as a team right now to make sure you have a little time to yourself and aren't stressing too much, and grocery shopping without the LO's, as unglamorous as that might be sounds like the perfect time to get away (and maybe for a mani/pedi too :)  We are all overly emotional, so take time for yourself and relax as much as possible, and what it is that people say, one more isn't really that much of a difference anyway.  Hang in there sista!
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  • I know the feeling. I am such a mess right now as well. Except i think i have had more emotional breakdowns!
  • I understand... we don't spank in our house, and the other day he was being difficult, ran over and head-butted me in the stomach because he didn't want to take a nap, so I spanked him, put him in his room, shut the door and laid in my bed and cried.  I took about 10 minutes to calm down and then went and told him I was sorry for hitting him, and he apologized for head butting me, and we kissed and made up.  I always feel awful when I lose it as a parent, but it's totally normal.  I find that DS is better in stores when I give him a pep talk before we go about being a good listener.  I hear you on the car cart/ belly problem too!! 
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