3rd Trimester

NBA game last night

Baby Adelaide was going buck wild! It was so funny, but kind of made me feel bad that all the noise was causing so much movement. I think I will wait for my next game to be PP.

Anyone else been to a loud event that caused your LO to go crazy?

Re: NBA game last night

  • I've been to 2 Cavs games already (we get a ticket package, so I'll be going to more while pregnant, too). Lila loves them! She moves the entire time. I get a little riled up sometimes, then I feel bad. My friend told me last time to calm down before I sent myself into labor!

    But she always moves a lot.

  • We went to an acoustic Shinedown concert last night and LO was going nuts!!!!  I don't think she has calmed down yet...haha

    I am pretty sure she loved it!!

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