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Disney: Stroller & carrier or just stroller? WDYT?

We will be going to Disney in June 2011 for a family reunion (it was already planned and paid for before we knew we were pregnant). LO will be about 3/4 months old at the time, so head/neck control may or may not be there. We are planning to take the carrier and stroller for use at the airport, but once in Florida, we are staying at one of the resorts so we'll be using the tram (?) to get from place to place. Do you think we'll need to use the carrier while walking around or do you think it would be ok to put her in just the stroller seat by then? Maybe with a small towel for support if needed?

Re: Disney: Stroller & carrier or just stroller? WDYT?

  • I think it depends on your stroller, we have the city mini and ds has been in there since his first week without an infant seat because it reclines so far (orlando stroller rental rents city mini's). I think the disney rental stroller would not be good for a baby that small as they are so big and don't recline at all. If you are using your own stroller (like a part of a travel system ) I think baby would be fine by four months in there without the infant seat. I just think the disney buses are so crowded the less stuff you have to carry the better as a lot of times you will end up standing on the bus. On the flip side, strollers aren't allowed in the table service restaurants so if you had your infant seat you could bring that in.
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  • We are getting the BJ City Select and the car seat adapter. It reclines really far, if not flat. We'll be bring our stroller to use so we won't need to rent one. I hadn't thought about the buses, though, so thanks for pointing that out. Though DH, or my dad, will most likely be in charge of hefting the stroller on & off the buses, while I have LO.


    I read on the Disney website that if the baby is sleeping, they will allow you to bring them to the table in the stroller, but I hadn't thought about if she was awake. I'll have to consider that as well.

  • carrier, hands down.  MUCH easier than trying to get a stroller through crowds, lines, shuttles, bathrooms, etc.
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  • We took our City Mini to Disney in August with our 3 month old.  In our experience, it was no trouble at all.  We left the car seat at the hotel and just used the stroller for the parks.  If you keep it reclined a bit your baby will be fine.  On the tram, you can keep the baby in the stroller.  If you need to take the bus to another park or restaurant, then just fold up the stroller.  I vote just stroller.  Have fun!!!
  • We are taking the city mini double to Disney in Feb.  DD will only be about 8-9 weeks old.  I do plan to wear her a lot, but she will also go in the stroller with a snuzzler as well. 






  • By Carrier you mean Infant Carseat?

    I recommend a stroller and baby wearing carrier/sling type. Baby can join you on nearly all rides. It's nice to be hands free in lines. If your stroller reclines near flat go without the "carseat/carrier" June will be HOT and baby will sweat more in the "carseat/carrier". Make sure you have a good canopy on the stroller to keep the sun off.

    Also, if you are doing magical express from the airport to your hotel. They will NOT let you keep baby in the carseat on the bus. It will be stowed under the bus (at least it was when we went last year). Seats on the buses from parks to hotels are not very good at holding a carseat (they are like City buses)

  • Thanks for all the replies ladies. I should have been more clear, but yes, I meant car seat.


    The stroller we are getting has good canopies so I've got that covered and I will be bringing the wrap that I have as well. Also, my 80-year old grandmother will be there and she doesn't do rides except for "It's a small world, so she has designated herself the "stroller/baby watcher" for myself and cousin who has a little one if we want to go on any rides.


    Also, thanks for the heads up on the Disney Express. Yes, we are doing that, so I'm glad that I planned on bringing my wrap.

  • We are going to Disney after #3 is born. He will be about 1 1/2 mos old. I am bringing a stroller but plan on using a wrap or Ergo for most of trip. I think it will be easier to get in and out of places and to help my other kids getting drinks, shopping and going on tame rides like "Its a Small world" if I am wearing him. If he is sleeping and we need to get in line or whatever I will not risk waking him up.

    I am happy to see we arent the only ones going with a little baby. My family thinks we are crazy but our other kids are dying to go (2 yr old has never been and it has been ages for 11 yr old) and infants are so easy to travel with if you plan ahead. Good luck!

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