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Light brown spotting at 10 I am so worried!

I started spotting a day after my husband and I had sex this week.  It was so light I hardly even noticed it and has been going on for 2 days now barely there but very light brown... I am super worried and will be calling the Dr. this morning when they open. 

 Any advice.  Last pregnancy I miscarried at 6 weeks and am just freaking out.

Re: Light brown spotting at 10 I am so worried!

  • {hugs} FWIW I had several spotting episodes with this pregnancy and things are fine. Intercourse can irritate your cervix and cause bleeding. I know it's impossible, but try not to worry until you get in to see your doctor. {hugs}
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  • Definitely call your doctor. The fact that it started after sex is a relatively "good" sign (meaning that it points to the sex being the cause, rather than something else). You should definitely tell your doctor about it, though, since it hasn't gone away.
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  • Spotting can be there for many reasons and since you recently had sex it certainly could be from that.  I would call your doctor though, your peace of mind is most important.
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  • I had some a few weeks ago and felt crazy for calling my doctor, but the nurse assured me that anytime I'm worried b/c of spotting or something like that they can probably fit me in to check for a hearbeat with a doppler.  I was really amazed they were so willing to do that. 

    I hope your doctor can reassure you!

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  • I had light pink/brown spotting at weeks 6-7.  I went in for an u/s after the spotting had been going on for 2-3 days and everything was was measuring right on schedule with a nice, healthy heartbeat!  The dr couldn't find a reason for my spotting but said it's VERY common in early pregnancy.  If it's brown then that usually means nothing bad, and it's old blood from implantation or your previous AF, your body is just getting rid of it.  I was told to take it easy, no heavy lifting, no sex, and to drink plenty of water.  My spotting went away after about 6 days and I haven't had any since.  When I called my dr about my spotting the first thing I was asked was if I had had sex recently, so sex can definitely cause spotting. 

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