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Good places to have a baby shower? Tacoma area.


My mother is planning me a baby shower but is having some difficulty in finding a location that works good.  She doesn't have super high budget but does have a little to work with.  She is looking for a venue that holds from 15-30 people and costs around $150 or less (just for the and other items have a different allowed budget).  A lot of restaurants will let you use their places but then you must use their food and sometimes that runs up the cost like crazy.  This is just a baby shower and not a wedding :)  The shower will be held in she needs to get some ideas ASAP!!! 

Anyone have any ideas???? :)

Re: Good places to have a baby shower? Tacoma area.

  • Mine was at Mocetzuma's Mexican Restraurant in Tacoma (because my No. 1 craving during pregnancy was Mexican, LOL) and it was great. They have a party room and a menu you can choose from to set a menu for the party. We had about 30 people and it was very affordable. The hosts brought in cake and decorations with no issue.
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  • GREAT IDEA!!!!  I love, love, love Mexican food both pregnant and not :)  Thanks so much for helping out!!! :)
  • Another option to keep the costs down in a restaurant is to consider finding a restaurant that has large gift certificates on and going that rout. Some of the restaurants offer certificates for $100.00 off of a $200.00 purchase and if you buy them on sale (they are 80% off right now with the promo code GIVE) you can eliminate the venue fee and really bring down the costs of food.

     I quickly tried searching the Tacoma area for a restaurant that offers a $100.00 certificate and could not find one, but there are several in the Seattle and the South King County area if that is an option.


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  • Good ideas, thank you!!!  I hope to find something :)
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