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nautical theme

We were team green when I was pregnant so we really didn't choice a theme or decorate anything. But now that DS is here we want to do a nautical theme. We also share a room with him so the entire room will be done up like this. Right now the theme we got going on with our side is beige, so the room basically screams boring. Now the whole point of this is to ask, will a nautical theme look good with cherry wood? Our whole room is cherry wood and I'm remodeling on a dime so that means no new furniture, and a lot of it will be DIY.


Thanks in advance. Smile

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Re: nautical theme

  • OF course it will. Also, what a "nautical" theme is is very dependent on what YOU make it. It's a theme, not a color scheme. If you go to you can see dozens of "natucally themed" room in every color imaginable, with every kind of wood. Yellow, red, turquoise, blue, beige...

    I can't imagine any "theme" that would not look good with a particular color of wood.

  • It will look awesome!

    I know all about sharing a room with the baby. Had our DD while living in an apartment that was less than 500 sqft!

    Keep the room beige and add color to the wall that has the crib up against it. You could go for a bold blue or a light turquoise.

    Add nautical accents like these paddles, steering wheels or life preserves to the wall.

    Pottery Barn used to have them for sale but they're all about the holidays now. Try


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