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Cribs: convertible or standard?

Hi all,

I'm trying to decide between a crib that will convert to a headboard when baby is old enough, or a standard one that possibly just converts to a daybed/toddler bed.  Wondering what made you decide on one or the other?

If anyone has had a convertible one long enough to convert it, do you still like it as a headboard?  

I'm leaning toward the convertible because it seems to make a lot of sense, just buying one piece of furniture that will last hopefully 18 years!  But obviously the convertible is more expensive.... MIL thinks I might not still like it when it's time to convert, but I'm really not concerned about that.  

What are you leaningn toward and why? Thanks!

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Re: Cribs: convertible or standard?

  • I think another question you might want to consider is: Will I want to buy a new crib for #2 or just use this one?  I plan on having more kids so I went with one that converts to a toddler bed but not a full size since I figured I would want to use it for #2 and get a twin bed for DD.
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  • I have had both....


    DS #1 had a convertible and I had full intentions of him using it for "18 yrs." The one we had had a high back and the front of the crib had a wide ledge, which meant I had nothing to protect it from a little teething boy, so it was chewed up before the first year of use. It was also more difficult to change the crib sheet since the back, sides and front piece were high. 

    That particular crib ended up being recalled. We took our BRU voucher, bought a new one and sold in on CL and used the money to buy a twin bed for DS. 

    DS #2 is only 20 months younger, so we had purchased a crib for him while DS #1 was still in his. For him, we went with the PBK sleigh, which I LOVE! It's on wheels, which makes it easier to move, change sheets, etc. It has the built in teething rails, etc. (I bought it at the PB outlet for $238)

    We are expecting baby #3 in Dec, so she will get that crib and DS#2 has a twin bed waiting on him when we are ready to make that transition. 

    Sorry I rambled and probably didn't really answer any of your questions. 

  • I went with a crib that converted to a toddler bed.

    It's nice to think that you'll love it and keep it for 18 yrs but that probably won't happen.

    I have no complaints about my crib but after 2+ years, I know that within a few more, I'll be changing it. 

    There are several nicks on it from our belts from putting the baby down and from toys being thrown around that I'm confident that I made the right choice.

    Good luck!

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  • Thanks for the responses, they do help.  Sounds like the wear and tear on them is worse than I expected, so maybe the standard crib is the smarter choice.

     Thanks again!

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