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So I got nervous and started a layaway.

I was going to attempt black Friday for the first time this year but im scared lol .Do stores usually restock everything after black friday before Christmas? Im scared all the veteran crazy women will beat me to all the good toys and ill be stuck with nothing. I started a layaway for a few reasons, 1) I can cancel it if i get my nerve up and go BF shopping and get the stuff cheaper. 2) DH wont be in such sticker shock if i pay it down little by little, and 3) it keeps it out of the house, so i cant give it to DD early lol.

Do you BF shop? Are the deals really that much better? Do you usually get what you wanted or is it all gone within 5 sec.?

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Re: So I got nervous and started a layaway.

  • I went with my BFF last year.  It was great, i only ran over 3 people with my cart.  Yes they do run out of things.  I went cuz i wanted stuff at a certain store.  It was a little crazy and get there early, cuz even at 5am there is a long line of people.  I was thinking of doing it this year too. 
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  • I've gone BF shopping for as long as I can remember, even did it in my 3rd trimester last year. I think the best idea is to know exactly what you're going to get. List out what's a priority, check the ads and make a plan. If you want a big ticket item, like a laptop or TV, you're going to want to wait in line and just go for that item as soon as you get in the store. We've never gone somewhere and had what we wanted been gone that quick, but then again, we do wait in line. We don't really go for the big ticket stuff, we usually stock up on movies. If you're going for toys, I wouldn't worry about them being gone. A lot of stores also do 'cyber monday' which is BF like pricing, but online the following monday.
  • I have worked the retail business for almost 8 years now and you may find some huge ticket items cheaper on BF but there are waaaaay better sales in stores the weekend before Christmas.  This is why: Most stores triple their inventory for BF because they expect huge sales.  The fact is though that not as many people are crazies and go shopping on BF as retailers would like, so in order to really move all the extra merch, they have bigger sales the last weekend before.
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  • I have gone with my mom the past few years and I love it! I go because of the chaos, crazy but true. I normally do better on stocking stuffer and like the pp said big ticket items. Last year I was huge pregnant and still went.  Oh and if you are worried about sticker shock at Christmas time I high suggest a christmas club account for next year.

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  • I've gone the past couple of years with my friends.  I have never got any spectacular deals.  Usually the really really good deals you have to wait in line for hours before the store opens because in fine print you will see they are only selling 5 for that price.  All the deals I ever get are the same as any other sales in my opinion, but I still go because my friends and I have a good time and its a great excuse to get up at 5 a.m. to go shopping.
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