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anyone not really able to think of ANOTHER toy your LO needs for xmas?

for the first 15 months of ds's life i think he got multiple toys per month.  and for christmas and his birthday he got sooooooooo many awesome things that are really more age appropriate for his age now.  his playroom is basically like a mini Buy Buy Baby/Toys R Us.  its quite ridiculous, actually.  i know that my parents have gotten him that new dancing Mickey thing for xmas, but my other family members have started to ask what to get him and i have no fun ideas.  ummm....clothes???  what else is there? 

Re: anyone not really able to think of ANOTHER toy your LO needs for xmas?

  • i always ask for artsy things like finger paints and coloring books and sing along books...i know people will always buy toys so i try to make a wishlist of stuff i want before his birthday....
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  • we just told some family (for his recent 1st bday) that we were doing a savings bond..we chose to take the money he got in cards and stuff and join it together into a savings MIL did this for his first xmas and we just decided we liked the idea of saving the money for him to have for college or what not

    they have a better pay off rate than just sitting in savings and you dont run the risk of having one more account open for someone to hack or identy steal (i read in a parenting magazine that they suggest waiting to open accounts for kids, because often times they arent checked often and its just one more oppurtunity for a thief to hack)

  • my kids have everything so we have asked all family members to contribute to their 529 accounts in lui of a gift.  

    last thing we need is more toys.  we dont even need more books.   

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  • We got the boys an easel and art supplies.  Double sided, of course, to cut down on the number of fights!
  • Books, crayons/coloring books, finger paints, clothes, etc.

    I really hope that people don't go crazy with toys for DD...we don't have the space and she doesn't need them!
  • I agree.  We just had to go through everything and donate a TON of toys.  Its awesome that people are so generous, but I dont know what we are going to do after Christmas, DHs parents are insane with gifts, and my family isnt far behind.  Like I said...its awesome that they are generous, but come on! Our house is only so big!

    Im thinking I will hint at art supplies.  Toddler crayons and whatnot.

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